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Most countries add the standard VAT/TAX rate when you buy silver bars and coins. Here are the EU-rates Vat Live. But, depending on where you live and whether you want to take home delivery, or get a vault storage, there are a couple of ways to buy silver without having to pay VAT/TAX.

EU-clients wanting to take delivery of their goods:

Estonia is the only country in EU where you can avoid VAT/TAX on silver coins, which are legal tender. All Silver coins that are minted with a face value are legal tender and therefore sold VAT/TAX-free in Estonia.

Article 34 of the EC-guideline 2006/112/EC limits international sales of goods subject to VAT/TAX. The guideline says that the location where the contract is fulfilled is applicable to VAT/TAX. This guideline is only applicable if the seller ships directly to you. So, you can simply have the goods delivered by a third party courier, which is cooperating with the seller all through the order/shipping process.

Estonia is one of the most financial stable countries in EU and NATO, where it has been a member since 2004. A corner-stone of Estonian stability is the balanced budget policy, pursued persistently over the years by various governments. This has given Estonia a national debt which is among the lowest in Europe, and enables appropriate fiscal reactions even in turbulent economic times. For further info on Estonia, please visit Invest In Estonia

gold-silver-coins-1024x768One well established and highly reliable company in Estonia is Liberty Silver, which we have been buying from several times. It has perfected processing of VAT/TAX-free orders, by integrating the shipping by a highly reliable courier, as a streamlined part of their website. This makes it as easy for you to place an order, as in any other webshop. The goods are fully insured and you are informed about the status of your order at every step of the entire processing, from order to delivery, via tracking number. The staff is very friendly and helpful with any question you may have.

Liberty Silver was founded in 2011, partly by Torgny Persson, has a university degree in Economics and is lecturing on precious metals as real money for investors. Theres is also Liberty Silver in Sweden, founded by the same people who founded Liberty Silver in Estonia.

Make sure to do your own due diligence on any company to make sure you feel comfortable with it.

Buy and store metals free of VAT/TAX and storage fees outside EU

Singapore also offers VAT/TAX-free silver and is now regarded as one of the most safe and investor friendly nations in the world, where Western banks and investors now prefer to store their silver and gold, in some of the worlds best protected safety vaults. For more info click here.