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Jim Rickards: The Crumbling Chinese Market

Crisis in China is inevitable based on China’s growth model, the international financial climate and excessive debt. Jim Rickards explains… by Jim Rickards via Daily Reckoning A Chinese financial and economic crisis has been in the forecasts of many analysts for years, including my own. So far, it has not happened. Does this mean China has solved the problem of how to avoid a crisis? Or is the crisis just a matter of time, set to happen sooner than later? My view is that a crisis in China is ine...
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Great Civilizations Aren’t Murdered, They Commit Suicide – The Likely Cause Of The US Collapse

“…many who are enslaved continue to push for shorter chains, more violence, control, domination, and theft by the ruling class…Collapse is imminent…” by Mac Slavo of SHTFplan Historian Arnold Toynbee in his 12-volume magnum opus A Study of History was an exploration of the rise and fall of 28 different civilizations. Toynbee concluded that great civilizations don’t “get murdered,” rather, they kill themselves, and all the signs of a civilization collapse are here. The Roman Empire, for example, ...
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Hello Old Friend: Gold Nears $1350 Resistance (Which Has Repelled Gold 4 Times In 5 Years)

The past 5 years have been baffling & demoralizing for gold bugs, but two new factors have swung in gold’s favor since the last failed attempt… by John Rubino of Dollar Collapse The past five years have been baffling for gold bugs. In an environment of massive central bank money creation, rising government deficits and a populist takeover of many countries’ political systems – all of which should be great for safe haven assets – gold has spiked to around $1,350 four times, only to be smacked...
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US Demanding China Keep Value Of Yuan Stable, Halt Devaluations

The US is pressing China to “stabilize” the yuan, a move aimed to neutralize efforts to devalue its currency to counter American tariffs. Here’s more… from Zero Hedge In the latest sign that at least some progress might be made this week toward a US-China trade accord as the seventh round of talks gets underway in Washington, Bloomberg just reported that the US – in addition to its other demands – also been pressing China to “stabilize” the yuan, a move aimed to neutralize efforts by Beijing to ...
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Bill Fleckenstein – Right Now Is The Best Chance To See Gold Break Above $1,350-$1,400

On the heels of another rally in the gold market that sent the price of gold above $1,340, today Bill Fleckenstein said right now is the best chance to see gold break above $1,350-$1,400. Gold Goes Mainstream, Sort OfBy Bill Fleckenstein President Of Fleckenstein CapitalFebruary 19 (King World News) – The market shook off a modest overnight loss in the SPOOs and got itself back to unchanged by midday. From there, it kept climbing and with an hour to go, when I had to leave, the Nasdaq led the in...
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