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Gold Surges More Than $30 As Trade War Escalates But Here Is What is Really Driving The Rally In Gold

With the price of gold surging $30 and silver up 40 cents, and the Dow down 400, here is a look at what is driving the rally in the gold market outside of the ongoing Trade War between the US and China. Within hours KWN will be releasing an important audio interview with James Turk about today’s big surge in gold and silver! Until then… Gold/SilverAugust 23 (King World News) – Alasdair Macleod:  “What matters for gold is on LME Precious, indicated yield one-year forward is 1.9%. With negative ra...
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The Silver Price Surges Higher As Mine Supply Falls In Top Producing Countries

As the silver price rally continues, mine supply from three of the top producing countries fell significantly this year.  Peru, Chile, and Mexico all reported declines in silver mine supply in the first half of the year, with Peru suffering the largest dropoff.  With these three countries accounting for 45% of total global silver production, a reduction in mine supply can impact the overall market.According to the mine supply data reported by each country, Peru’s silver production is down 10% in...
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“American companies are hereby ordered to immediately start looking for an alternative to China”: Trump

President Trump just gave a direct order to American companies, also including ordering ALL mail carriers to search mail for Fentanyl… There is still a lot of day left to go in what is turning out to be a rather spectacular day for both Trump’s unloading on the Fed and China. Recall from moments ago: Assuming “Powel” means “Powell”, President Trump isn’t sure which one is worse. Still, President Trump is not happy with China one bit. Again from Twitter, moments ago: ….better off without them. ...
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Gold & Silver Spike As Powell Says Fed Prepared To Sustain Bubble Economy, Trump Not Impressed

Gold & Silver are taking a liking to Jerome “Sustain The Expansion” Powell even if President Trump wants MOAR! Jerome Powell began speaking a 10:00 a.m. at Jackson Hole. After the standard prep the metals going into a Fed Head speech, gold & silver are responding quite well: Not a bad little move. Of course, it’s also a continuation move from the earlier announced escalation in the Trade War by China: Silver is up some $0.30 from just a few hours ago. More on Fed Dove Powell, from Bloo...
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What Will Jackson Hole Bring To Us And Gold?

Powell will be more hawkish than markets are anticipating, and that that’s not good news for gold bulls. Here’s why… by Arkadiusz Sieron of Sunshine Profits The 2019 Economic Symposium in Jackson Hole has begun! Today, we’ll hear Jerome Powell discuss the latest monetary policy shifts. How will it affect the gold market? Jackson Hole 2019 Has Begun This week is rather light in terms of incoming economic data, with the minutes from the last FOMC meeting being the only exception. Now, investors aw...
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