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Precious Metals Rise, As We Glide Thru Time

After a day of multiple exposed voter fraud activity, and a restricted rise in precious metals pricing, Gold continues to…

by  J. Johnson via JS Mineset

Great and Wonderful Friday Morning Folks,

      After a day of multiple exposed voter fraud activity, and a restricted rise in precious metals pricing, Gold continues to shine with the trade at $1,954 up $7.40 after reaching up to $1,959.10 with the low at $1,937.20. Silver leads the percentages with the trade at $25.855, up 66.4 cents with the high at $25.955 and the low right close to the double zeros at $25.01. The US Dollar is finally starting to sink with the value pegged (by those inside the Index) at 92.32, down 19.6 points and up from the 92.245 low with the high watermark at 92.825. Of course, all this happened before 5 am pst, the Comex open, the London close, and after Trump laid it all out during yesterday’s white house press conference. Come on Big Red Release Button!

      World prices for Gold are on the upswing with Venezuela’s last trade at 19,515.58 Bolivar, a gain of 332.59 overnight with Silver gaining 11.086 Bolivar with the last price at 258.227. Argentina’s currency now has Gold’s value held at 154,543.24 A-Peso’s, gaining 2,851.23 with Silver adding on another 9.08 A-Peso’s with the last trade at 2,044.89. Gold under the Turkish Lira added another 438.82 T-Lira, leaving the last trade at 16,664.16 with Silver’s last price held at 220.480 T-Lira, proving a gain of 11.441.

      November Silver’s Delivery Demands now shows a count of 227 fully paid for 5,000-ounce contracts waiting for receipts and with a Volume of 46 already up on the board with a trading range between $25.91 and $25.20 with the last buy at the high, up 73.9 cents while the papers push the futures lower (for now). Yesterday’s delivery activity happened in between $24.90 and $24.80 with the last buy at the high, gaining $1.036 while the Comex Calculated Close was tallied at $25.171, a gain of $1.30, and increasing the demand count by 51 contracts. The Overall Open Interest in Silver now has a total of 158,802 contracts, proving the issues are about to reach a pinnacle, as we see an additional 7,088 short contracts being added to go against the physicals, until there is no more real product to sell at these cheap prices. Imagine what the price would be like if these Algo’s who churn the crap out of the markets, got restricted or removed, to allow real price discovery? Imo, we could have seen a $5 gain yesterday if it wasn’t for all this additional liquidity.

      November Gold Delivery Demands now has 223 fully paid for 100-ounce contracts waiting for receipts and with a Volume of 206 up on the board with an early morning trading range between $1,949.30 and $1,940.80 with the last trade at the high, up only $4 while the Volume is about to exceed the physical demand count. Yesterday’s full day of ICE/Comex trades happened in between $1,948 and $1,901.70 with the last single lot buy at $1,947.90, up $53.30 with that CCC at $1,945.30, a Comex gain of $50.70 that had a total Volume of 135 up on the board, reducing the demand count by 1,422 contracts that got receipts, maybe. Let us see if our Resolute Buyer(s) can step in again and make November a major delivery month. Gold’s Overall Open Interest gained 20,069 more short contracts in order to add liquidity or (imo) we would have seen a $200 minimum gain instead, with a total count of 569,421 paper contracts to go against the physicals.

      As mentioned before, I think the trap was set, and the exposures of voter fraud are about to come out in full bloom, just like Hunter Biden’s laptop and those hard drives exposures. History will prove it all as we glide thru time, all we have to do now is combine the links that brought us to right here and now with all those FOIA requests Judicial Watch has mastered. Consider this 2011 Big Tech Dinner with Obama and the Fangs of Free Speech just before their warm and protective security blanket, called Section 230, was applied which allowed these communication companies to thwart our Free Speech Rights (for now).

Bringing things forward, I along with many others, have seen our freedom of speech hampered by children who have no idea what the First Amendment is about at all, yet they are the ones being employed as fact checkers and reporters, to tell all of us, who have lived thru many changes and many presidential races, that we are the wrong ones, and their education tells them so. Facebook is literally removing everything supportive of Trump, including articles supporting the idea of “Widespread Ballot Fraud”, and Q is their threat too, and all they’ve ever done was post questions, pictures, and articles, that oppose their ideas of truth.

     All these special Trump and Truth groups, inside Facebook and Twitter, only ask questions, share articles, and ideas, like why does Biden have so many more votes than Democrat senators in swing states? Or that leaked Democratic conference call yesterday (that was supposed to be private) partially titled; “we’ll get fu*king torn apart again in 2022”. Speaker Nancy should have been removed long ago and arrested already, and I do expect her to be removed one way or another. In the meantime, Trump claims he has the proof in regards to the frauds perpetrated on the American populace and during this election cycle. Why has no other elected official in the past, ever fixed this when they even admitted there is plenty of fraud over the decades?

      Soon, we will see the data and we the people will determine what is true or not as it all goes thru the courts “LIVE”. In the meantime, find a smile and keep the faith. Freedom of Speech is worth fighting for, and I got a feeling, most Americans feel the same way. Enjoy the weekend, watch the metals rise, and as always … 

Stay Strong!

J. Johnson

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