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Trump Loses The 2020 US Presidential Election, Just As Predicted In January…Of 2019!

If the President is selected by Deep State Globalists rather than elected by the People, that means Trump was selected too…

(by Half Dollar) I suppose it’s official.

Heck, does it even matter?

Not really.

The US Titanic will sink.

Rally behind a corrupt, lying Captain?

No thanks.

Evil is evil is evil is evil.

I called Trump losing the 2020 election on January 8, 2019:

That was without the need of even knowing who his “competition” was going to be.

Now sure, I have developed my theory on why President Trump would “lose” re-election in 2020 over the last year and eleven months, but that continued development was the result of gaining a clearer understanding of the means to the end.

Or the end to the means.

Or whatever.


Most recently, on election day as a matter of fact, I said this (bold added for emphasis)

Here’s further reasoning on why I think Biden is going to win: Trump did a great job of acting like he was doing good things for America while he was selling what was left of America down the river, and now, his fans, for Trump is kind of like a Rock Star, you know, are expecting, oh, just the unsealing of the 897,562 sealed indictments, the mass arrests, the throwing of those dang traitors into GIMTO, and the stuff like that, but since Trump is not going to do any of that stuff, he can go out on top!

Bestest most awesomest President, ever!

In other words, the Deep State Globalists pulled off the sham of a lifetime as Trump goes out on top, because President Trump would have done all of those things, but geez, he just didn’t get reelected.

Not that I’m saying, “see, I told you so”, but to ask this question: Perhaps now, the people will understand that the President of the United States is selected by Deep State Globalists and not elected by We the People?

The problem in understanding, however, is coming to terms with the fact that Trump was therefore selected too.

Said differently, the people don’t like admitting they got duped.

Well, it happens!


I got duped too, by all of the right things Candidate Trump said in 2016, but then again, I never saw Trump’s World Wide WrestleManiaFest cameo appearances or his Celebrity Reality TV Cooking Show, and it’s not like I knew he was an actor, so there’s that.

So, to answer my own question: I do not have much hope that more of the sheeple will wake up and come to the realization that Trump is a Deep State Globalist in Patriot’s Clothing.

They’re sheep, and they’ll never get it, for they’re only meant to be fleeced or slaughtered.

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, you’re wrong man, for President Trump is a true Patriot, because why would he risk his personal wealth, his businesses and more if he wasn’t?”.

Well, he turned his back on New York City, didn’t he, and who’s to say he hasn’t already turned his back on the USA?

Here’s an honest question: If there is truly a “deep state plot to overthrow President Trump”, then wouldn’t the patriotic thing to do be for Trump to just stand down and not challenge the election in the court, thus saving myriad business fires, myriad looting, and myriad worse things on the streets of America?

However, for all we know, Trump may not stand down because in the end, perhaps he has some plan to scoop up some destroyed properties on Main Street on the cheap, and the more death & destruction we have, well, the cheaper the price!

It’s not rocket science!

It’s real estate development!

Sorry the truth hurts!

Regardless, if Trump does stand down, I’m not implying he is a Patriot, for President Trump is the “King of Debt”, or something like that, so it’s not like he stands to lose in the US Dollar Hyperinflation anyway, and the more unbacked, debt-based fiat currency dependent on exponential, unsustainable growth that Biden whips-up, the quicker Trump wins.

Funny how that works out, isn’t it?

Trump loses the election yet wins.

In other news, Melania went full Nancy Pelosi:

Of course she did.

Although I’m sure her fanboys will give her the Get-Out-of-Hypocrisy-Free card just as they’ve done for years.

Dang shame…

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