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Why The Government Can’t Measure Income, Happiness, Or Well-Being

The government’s become preoccupied with things that can be measured — such as jobs and wages — while neglecting the more hidden… by Ryan McMaken via Mises One of the central problems of aggregate measures of national income and well-being is the fact so much of it relies on incomes, wealth, production, and consumption measured in terms of dollars. This means only activities that can be tracked, counted, and ranked based on dollar values and production totals will be among those activities repor...
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No Such Thing As A Free Lunch: Prepare To Get Burned By Government

The will be a price to pay, and the longer we wait to pay it, the more that people get burned… Society is pretending its actions don’t have consequences. It’s badly mistaken. History teaches us that there is no free lunch, reminds Dr. Ben Hunt, publisher of And science informs us that even the most simple systems become nearly impossible to predict or control with 100% precision as time and variables change. But our society today is ignoring these lessons. It’s betting that th...
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Gold Among Negative-Yielding Bonds

Gold doesn’t bear a yield, but in a negative yielding world? That’s a blessing. Here’s why… by Arkadiusz Sieron of Sunshine Profits The amount of global debt with negative yields soared to $16 trillion, or more than 25 percent of the market. This number has nearly tripled since October 2018. In July, even the 30-year German government bonds went negative for the first time ever, while Nordea Bank, a leading Danish bank, said it will begin offering 20-year fixed-rate mortgages with zero interest,...
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What To Expect Next For Gold And Oil, Plus A Dramatic Week For Key Markets

Here is a very important look at what to expect next for gold and crude oil, plus a dramatic week for key markets. Gold, Oil, And A Dramatic WeekSeptember 22 (King World News) – Ole Hansen, Head of Commodity Strategy at SaxoBank:  “A dramatic week in crude oil saw the Brent futures contract jump the most on record before deflating on continued growth and demand concerns. Gold traded higher but within the tightest range in two months, despite heightened geo-political risks, the second US rate cu...
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The Deep State Is Dragging Trump Into War With Iran

Should we chalk it up to coincidence theory that just days after Trump gives John Bolton the boot, Iran is blamed for an attack? by Robert Bridge via Strategic Culture Should we chalk it up to coincidence theory that just days after Trump gives John Bolton the boot as his National Security Adviser, Iran is blamed for an attack on a Saudi oil facility, forcing Washington to forego any hope of peace with Tehran? One day before Bolton’s abrupt departure from the White House, Trump had reportedly di...
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The LARGEST Gold Nugget In America!

Three of the Largest gold nuggets in the US Gold is one of the rarest elements on Earth. Finding a few grains of it is very difficult. However, sometimes, lucky miners find huge gold nuggets that weigh several kilograms. In this short article, I will tell you about three of the largest gold nuggets that were discovered in the US. Alaska Centennial Nugget The Centennial Gold is the largest nugget found in Alaska, it weighs 9.14 Kilograms (or 294.10 troy ounces). It was discovered in 1998 by Barr...
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Gold manipulation goes far beyond JPM, GATA secretary tells Silver Doctors

3:07p ET Saturday, September 21, 2019 Dear Friend of GATA and Gold: Your secretary/treasurer was interviewed this week for Silver Doctors and SD Bullion by James Anderson, discussing the new indictments of JPMorganChase monetary metals traders and the far bigger market manipulations behind the ones attributed to the investment bank. The interview can be heard at here: CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/TreasurerGold A...
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The overnight interest rate just hit 10%! The banks can’t even trust each other when the system implodes… Lynette Zang interviewed by Sean on STGreport The overnight interest rate for inter-bank lending just hit 10% because not even banks can trust each other when the system implodes. Meanwhile the precious metals trading desk at JP Morgan is being called a “criminal enterprise” by the DOJ. Lynette Zang joins me to discuss the latest. Please consider supporting SGT Report on Patron with a monthl...
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Gold Leads, Will The Rest Of The Metals Follow?

The outlook may be murky for the commodities in general, but the outlook is bright for the the metals… by Matt Geiger via Streetwise The natural resource landscape has shifted dramatically since the end of 2018. At the time, we were still nursing our wounds from an unexpectedly vicious 2018 and hoping to avoid a repeat performance in 2019. I did speculate that “we may have already exited the bear market as of late December 2018. The nickel price is up roughly 25% YTD, the gold price is up roughl...
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Imagine what might happen if the FT asked more critical questions

11:53a ET Saturday, September 21, 2019 Dear Friend of GATA and Gold: Why did the London Bullion Market Association drop JPMorganChase commodity trading desk chief Michael Nowak from its board of directors this week? Probably not because Nowak was indicted by the U.S Justice Department, accused of racketeering with other Morgan traders in part of the longstanding manipulation of the monetary metals markets. For the indictment was announced Monday and the LBMA did not drop Nowak until Friday. ... ...
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