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Silver Beginning To Look Superior To The US Stock Market

The action is solid, and the action is now… by Stewart Thomson of Graceland Updates Graceland Updates 4am-7am Email: [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] July 16, 2019   It’s the ultimate “no-brainer” that serious American GDP growth (in the 6% range or higher) can only happen by eliminating the PIT (personal inc...
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Jim Rickards: Trump Declares Currency War On The Rest Of The World

Trump has a point when he says it’s time for the US to weaken the US dollar. Jim explains… by Jim Rickards via Daily Reckoning Trump has had it! He is apparently declaring a currency war on the rest of the world. Trump resents China and Europe cheapening the yuan and the euro against the dollar in order to help their exports and hurt ours. He says it’s time for the U.S. to cheapen the dollar also. Trump has a point. If you put a 25% tariff on many Chinese exports to the U.S. (as Trump has done) ...
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With Willem Middelkoop essay, central bank forum takes a shine to gold

This essay by gold advocate and longtime GATA supporter Willem Middelkoop, author of the 2014 book "The Big Reset," has top position today at the internet site of the Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum in London, an organization catering to government and central bank officials around the world. The essay acknowledges the longstanding policy of central banks and particularly the U.S. government to suppress the price of gold in favor of the dollar. That such an organization would ...
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UNBELIEVABLE Increase In Silver Open Interest, 97.2% Of Annual Global Production Just Traded IN ONE DAY!

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Bitcoin: OPENING MORNING TRADE :  $ 10997 DOWN 98       Bitcoin: FINAL EVENING TRADE: $ 9,751 DOWN 307       Let us have a look at the data for today xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx IN SILVER THE COMEX OI ROSE BY AN ATMOSPHERIC AND CRIMINALLY  SIZED 9372 CONTRACTS FROM 220,093 UP TO 229,465 WITH THE HUGE 31 CENT GAIN IN SILVER PRICING AT THE COMEX. TODAY WE ARRIVED CLOSER TO  AUGUST’S 2018  RECORD SETTING OPEN INTEREST...
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Sprott Money News Ask The Expert July 2019 - Danielle DiMartino Booth

Is your network connection unstable or browser outdated? Original linkOriginal author: Sprott Money
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Craig Hemke: Banks Still In Control? How Difficult For Silver To Break-Out?

Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | Email | Stitcher | RSS Silver’s moving, but how high can price climb, and where will the banks try to apply more pressure? Craig answers that and a whole lot more… Craig Hemke of TF Metals Report interviewed by Half Dollar of Silver Doctors #Gold & #silver are on the move, but are the banks still in control of the “markets”, and if so, or if not, where will the banks try to put extra pressure on #SilverPrices? C...
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Investors Buy 32 Million Ounces Worth of Silver ETFs

Silver DoctorsInvestors Buy 32 Million Ounces Worth of Silver ETFs | Silver Doctors  /  Silver  /  Silver News  /  Investors Buy 32 Million Ounces Worth of Silver ETFs
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ALERT: This May Send The Price Of Gold Above $1,900

With the world beginning to take notice of the rally in gold, this may send the price of gold above $1,900. A Very Favorable Recipe For GoldJuly 18 (King World News) – Top Citi analyst Tom Fitzpatrick:  “In a similar manner to the breakout in Gold in 2007 and 2001, when the Fed was turning an important corner in interest rates, we are seeing a breakout again this time… BONUS INTERVIEW:Mag Silver Co-Founder says this company may have just found thesource of Arizona Mining’s massive $1.3 billion T...
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Bank Run: Deutsche Bank Clients Are Pulling $1 Billion A Day

Are we about to find out just how liquid Deutsche Bank’s reserves really are? from Zero Hedge There is a reason James Simons’ RenTec is the world’s best performing hedge fund – it spots trends (even if they are glaringly obvious) well ahead of almost everyone else, and certainly long before the consensus. That’s what happened with Deutsche Bank, when as we reported two weeks ago, the quant fund pulled its cash from Deutsche Bank as a result of soaring counterparty risk, just days before the full...
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Currency intervention: Here's how the U.S. could move to weaken the dollar

By William, New YorkWednesday, July 17, 2019 Currency traders are contemplating the "I" word. While still seen as a longshot -- Goldman Sachs described it last week as a "low but rising risk" -- a growing number of analysts are warning that President Donald Trump's longstanding frustration with the U.S. dollar's relative strength versus major rivals could eventually lead to U.S. government to intervene in the currency market in an effort to weaken the greenback. ... Dispatch...
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