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Sprott Money Daily News (August 27, 2014)

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Greg Hunter: President Trump’s Actions Show He Is Not A Shill Or A Rothschild Agent

Greg says that all of the things that President Trump has done have gone against the Rothschild/New World Order plans. Here’s the details… Greg Hunter gives the Weekly News Wrap-Up for Friday May 11th, 2018 Even the biased propaganda of the mainstream media (MSM) had to call what is happening in North Korea a good thing. Will Trump win the Nobel Peace Prize? Who knows, but there is zero doubt that Trump has made more progress on North Korea than any president since Truman. Iran has been building...
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Jim Rickards Asks, Is China Manipulating the Gold Market?

Is the Price of Gold Being Suppressed by China Until They Accumulate All the Gold They Need?Jim Rickards warns, ‘When that happens, physical gold may not be available at all…’   From Mark Obyrne: Hedge fund, PhD statistician claims gold market is “the most blatant case of manipulation” PhD: “Statistically impossible unless there’s manipulation occurring” Gold serves as political chips on the world’s financial stage. Price is being suppressed until China gets the gold that they need Gold will go ...
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The Fibonacci Price Ladder Points To Higher Prices

“we are highlighting some important Fibonacci price levels and how they should continue to drive price action over the next 3~10 days” by Chris Vermeulen of The Technical Traders We continue to appreciate the positive and supportive comments we are receiving from our followers and members.  We can’t tell you how pleased we are that all of you are enjoying our efforts to provide you with the best market research and analysis we can offer.  Today, we are highlighting some important Fibonacci price...
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The Jaw-Dropping Roadmap To $10,000 Gold And $500 Silver

GoldSwitzerland - New Ad PicOn the heels of continued volatility in the 2016 trading year, today the man who has become legendary for his predictions on QE, historic moves in currencies, and major global events, laid out the jaw-dropping road to $10,000 gold and $500 silver. Egon von Greyerz:  “Between 1999, when gold bottomed at $250, and the 2011 peak at $1,920, there was only one major correction lasting 8 months in 2008. The ensuing correction from the 2011 top at $1,920 of almost $900 seemed to take an eternity until ...
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Trump Admits To Being A Globalist & Continues To Act Like One Too

imageHe has been for attacking Iraq and against it. Pro-life and pro-choice. Republican and Democrat. Against and for Killary. And virtually every other issue he has held, steadfastly, both sides. He’s the perfect politician in that sense. The only surprise is that it took him that long to realize his true calling. We’ve called him out on being a globalist insider since long before the election. And we received torrents of Youtube hate for it. That’s okay; we are used to the hate. Most people can’t h...
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Sprott Money Daily News (August 19, 2014)

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Legendary Investor Doug Casey: Start of HUGE Gold Bull Market to $3,000 per Oz!

gold bull203 views Home » Gold » Gold News » Legendary Investor Doug Casey: Start of HUGE Gold Bull Market to $3,000 per Oz! The Gold price has broken through $1,300.  Legendary investor Doug Casey believes the royal metal is on the verge of an epic move that will take it to $3,000/oz…   Silver Shield Pieces of Eight FLASH SALE$1.99 Over Spot ANY QTY This entry was posted in Gold News and tagged Doug Casey, gold prices, gold update. Bookmark ...
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Will Gold Outperform Silver This Year? | Louis Cammarosano

Louis Cammarosano tells Silver Doctors that gold will outperform silver this year, and he explains what gold must do in price for silver to wake up…Louis Cammarosano of Smaulgld interviewed by Silver Doctors Cammarosano says during a crisis, gold outperforms silver at first, then silver catches up. Therefore, until gold reaches $1400 or $1500, silver will stay quiet. Will the Dollar collapse? Cammarosano says people are becoming satisfied with paper promises and the game can last longer than we...
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Bullion Star: China's secretive accumulation of gold on the international market

9:40p ET Wednesday, July 26, 2017 Dear Friend of GATA and Gold: Bullion Star today reviews the evidence that China has been accumulating much more gold as semi-official reserves than the country has been reporting. Bullion Star's analysis is headlined "People's Bank of China Gold Purchases: Secretive Accumulation on the International Market" and it's posted at Bullion Star here: CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/TreasurerGold Anti...
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