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Eswar Prasad: America, beware -- Dollar supremacy is not forever

By Eswar PrasadFinancial Times, LondonSunday, May 20, 2018 The dollar reigns supreme in global finance. It accounts for a dominant share of international financial transactions and is the ultimate safe haven currency. But the US currency's supremacy cannot be taken for granted. President Donald Trump may be sowing the seeds of its demise. Mr. Trump has often called for a weaker dollar, apparently to counter other countries that he c...
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After Cohn Exit President Trump Looks Set To Sign The Steel And Aluminum Tariffs Tomorrow

“Still going thru legal process…Trump is impatient and he wants to act or at least be seen as acting.” from Zero Hedge With Cohn out, it became clear over the past 24 hours that Trump was not bluffing with the steel and aluminum trade tariffs, contrary to the market’s rosy assumptions, and the only question was “when” will Trump officially sign the proclamation. We got a hint earlier today, when White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders told reports that “we are still on pace for an announcement on ...
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CENTRAL BANK MARKET RIGGING: Horrified About The Biggest Global Bank Run In History

The Fed and Central banks are manipulating the gold and silver price because they are Horrified that the biggest global BANK RUN in history will take down the entire system.    From SRSRocco: Unfortunately, a lot of investors are still being misled about the fundamentals of precious metals market manipulation.  While the Fed and Central bank are indeed intervening in the gold and silver market, they are also propping up the majority of asset values across the board.  This is especially true for...
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We Are Seeing “A Mini-Panic” In The Gold Market Right Now

kwn-iii-1192016With the gold and silver markets getting hit today along with the shares, today King World News is pleased to present an important update on the war in the gold market from Michael Oliver at MSA. Oliver allowed KWN exclusively to share this key report with our global audience.  The “Mini-Panic” In The Gold MarketBy Michael Oliver, MSA (Momentum Structural Analysis)March 8 (King World News) – If the final exhaustion phase of the selloff in December qualified as a panic, then this is at least a mi...
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One Of The Most Tragic Images You Will Ever See

KWN Russell I 5:27:2015As people continue to digest breaking news from around the world and the United States celebrates Memorial Day, included in this piece is one of the most tragic images you will ever see. This text was Richard Russell’s final Memorial Day commentary before he passed:  “Monday is Memorial Day, the day in which we show our appreciation to the hundreds of thousands of men who have died in America’s wars. My family on my father’s side has fought in all of America’s major wars, from the Revolutionary...
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We’ve Reached A Critical Point in the Banking and Monetary System

collapse-endAre Jim Sinclair & Bill Holter right to claim: “The Most Dangerous Period in History is Today”?Bix Weir returns to warn of critical risks in our global banking and monetary systems, and what specific actions we can take to prepare for the rough transition to a new system to come.   From Reluctant Preppers: Deutsche Bank failing, can’t pay its fines, Germany won’t bail it out.“As goes Deutsche Bank, so goes Europe & the rest of the world”?Too big to fail, Deutsche Bank bigger than the 20...
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David McAlvany: If You’re Seeking Value There’s No Place Like Gold Or Silver

Sentiment may be terrible, but that’s exactly what is seen when markets are at major turning points. Here’s what it means for gold & silver… David McAlvany interviewed by Jason Burack on Wall St for Main St During this interview, Jason asks David about many interesting topics about the global economy including:1) Central bank balance sheets- Can central banks like the Fed, BOJ, ECB and PBOC meaningfully reduce their balance sheets without crashing asset prices and causing another global fina...
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Fund Manager: The United States Is On A Debt-Driven Suicide Path

Dave Kranzler says the fun begins for gold & silver stackers as the dollar continues to weaken and China stops buying our debt. Here’s more… by Dave Kranzler of Investment Research Dynamics Why Even Pretend There’s A Debt Ceiling Limit? The current “debt ceiling” has been suspended until March 2019. The current amount of Treasury debt outstanding is $20.681 trillion. It has been estimated that the amount of Treasury outstanding by March 2019 will be as high as $22 trillion. U.S. Government h...
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Explorer with High-Potential Nevada Project Begins Trading

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$8,900 GOLD & $600 SILVER RESET | Market Analyst Lynette Zang

1,843 views Home » Silver » Silver News » $8,900 GOLD & $600 SILVER RESET | Market Analyst Lynette Zang Lynette Zang, Chief Market Analyst at ITM Trading, Inc. covers a very wide range of topics including price action, bonds, yield curve, precious metals, & hedging. Is A MASSIVE Gold & Silver RESET Imminent?    This entry was posted in Finance News, Gold News, Silver News and tagged gold update, silver update. Bookmark the p...
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