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What Lies Beyond Capitalism And Socialism?

“What if the State and the Market are the sources of our unsustainability? What if they are intrinsically incapable of fixing what’s broken?” by Charles Hugh Smith via Of Two Minds The status quo, in all its various forms, is dominated by incentives that strengthen the centralization of wealth and power. As longtime readers know, my work aims to 1) explain why the status quo — the socio-economic-political system we inhabit — is unsustainable, divisive, and doomed to collapse under its own weight...
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Stewart Thomson: Here’s How (And When) Gold Reaches $1750

“ignore short term market noise and focus on the big weekly chart base pattern for gold. Note the price targets of $1500 and $1750…”  by Stewart Thomson of Graceland Updates May 8, 2018 Please click here now.  Double-click to enlarge this daily gold chart.  Gold has traded in a drifting rectangle pattern for most of this year. Check out this important weekly gold chart. The rectangle pattern on the daily chart is part of a huge weekly chart base pattern.  That has been forming for about five yea...
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Miami Mayor: “Expect Evacuation Order Wednesday or Thursday”

Hurricane Irma is now the strongest hurricane on record, and as we noted earlier, Miami is home to some very expensive and very precious property… from Zero Hedge With Hurricane Irma, now an “extremely dangerous” category 5 storm bearing down on southeastern Florida, the Miami Herald reports that Miami Mayor Carlos Gimenez has told reporters that an evacuation order was “probably coming late Wednesday or early Thursday.” According to the latest forecasts, the storm is expected to make landfall i...
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“Destroyed” Puerto Rico Is Back in the 18th Century – James Howard Kuntsler

Hurricane Maria came and went from the MSM News Cycle in less than 24 hours, but the destruction left behind will take months to recover from, and for now, Puerto Rico has been thrust into the 18th Century…   by James Howard Kuntsler via Zero Hedge Welcome to America’s first experiment in the World Made By Hand lifestyle. Where else is it going? Watch closely.     Ricardo Ramos, the director of the beleaguered, government-owned Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority, told CNN Thursday that the is...
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“Blastoff” In The Metals Bulls Have Been Waiting For Is “So Close”

King World News - many people wondering what’s next for the metals markets, one of the greats in the business just said the “blastoff” in the metals is “so close.” Bulls Surprised Rally To New Highs On HoldBy Bill Fleckenstein President Of Fleckenstein CapitalApril 19 (King World News) – The rally back to new highs that the bulls were expecting was interrupted today, as the market was lower from the get-go. The decline was led by the Nasdaq, which lost 0.75% through midday and which was hurt by the drop in A...
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Silver Demand ROARS Back: US Mint Sells 1 Million Silver Eagles In Single Day

lion-roar“We’ve never seen anything like this.   The volume of demand we experienced on Tuesday surpasses anything we’ve ever seen – and that includes Q3 of 2015.”        SD Bullion Market Update   With Silver Prices Smashed 11% In 48 Trading Hours, Physical Silver Coin and Bullion Demand Has Roared Back to Life.To put the Surge in silver bullion investment demand into perspective, SD Bullion processed approximately 550 transactions and moved through nearly $2.5 million in bullion Tuesday, roughly 20% of...
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Insured Direct Gold & Silver Bullion Storage: Avoid $362.5 Million Dollars In Alleged Fraud

After Federal Grand Jury indicts top Northwest Territorial Mint officials of defrauding customers out of Millions, SilverDoctors discusses the importance of direct gold & silver bullion depository storage vs non-direct; as well as how options like gold & silver bullion home insurance can help customers avoid such future frauds. Contributing Silver Doctors Metals and Markets Wrap co-host James Anderson sent us the following report documenting two ongoing indictments of two separate bulli...
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Why Has Gold Stalled?

gold-stalledGold’s young bull market has totally stalled out in the past couple months.  This major loss of momentum following gold’s powerful surges in 2016’s first half is really souring sentiment and vexing traders.  They are trying to figure out if gold’s recent consolidation drift is the dawn of a new bearish trend or a healthy pause within an ongoing bull.The likely answer comes from understanding what’s causing gold’s high consolidation…   Submitted by Adam Hamilton, Zeal:  Back in mid-December right...
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Sprott’s Thoughts: Gold Leading Up to the Fed Meeting

gold kissEveryone in the mining sector, literally everyone, was worried about a correction…   From Sprott’s Thoughts:  Everyone in the mining sector, literally everyone, is worried about a correction. Fair enough. After five long and dark years, the last thing any of us are is overconfident. So when we look at this year’s sharp gains in gold and miners, instead of being happy we just feel anxious about what will happen next. There are a couple points that pertain here. The biggest force driving gold has ...
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SHOCKING VIDEO: People Are Getting The Hell Out Of California In Droves!

The King World News article below contains some stunning information as well as an absolutely shocking video about why people are fleeing the state of California. People Fleeing California In Droves!April 28 (King World News) – If you want to see the trend for people getting the hell out of California, take a look at this... NEW KEITH NEUMEYER INTERVIEW:Keith Neumeyer just spoke with KWN about $8,000 & $10,000 price targets for gold and much more, to listen immediately CLICK HERE OR ON THE I...
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