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Once Upon a Time, There Was a Goldilocks Economy…Will This Story End Well for Gold?

What does it all mean for the gold market? Well, we do not have good news for the goldbugs… by Arkadiusz Sieron of Sunshine Profits There was once a little girl whose hair was so bright and yellow that it glittered in the sun like spun-gold. For this reason she was called Goldilocks. One day she came to a house of Three Bears. They have gone out, but the girl saw the porridge through the window, so she went in. She first tasted the porridge of the Great, Huge Bear, and that was too hot for her. ...
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Gold, Silver, & A RACE Towards Hyperinflation

hyperinflation595 views Home » Silver » Silver News » Gold, Silver, & A RACE Towards Hyperinflation Precious metals in physical form will be among the few tangible assets still left standing as the US and Japan RACE toward hyperinflation and total economic breakdown…   Buy Silver Coins and Bars at SDBullion Buy Silver : 2016 Silver Eagles and Silver Buffalo Rounds Lowest Prices Online   This entry was posted in Silver News and tagged Andy Hoff...
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This ‘Counter Trend Rally’ is Now Completing!

idealbounceLast Friday, April 29th, 2016, the U.S. Indexes were very bearish as price clearly broke below the 20 day moving average then rebounded back up to test that level and was rejected and sold into.  In short, the US large cap stock are in the very final stage of topping before share prices collapse and start a 8-16 month bear market. There will likely be some big event that triggers the selloff, the question is what and when?   Last Friday, April 29th, 2016, the U.S. Indexes were very bearish as pr...
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Gold Stocks: Too Far Too Fast?

cliff edgeThe gold-mining stocks have skyrocketed this year, radically outperforming every other sector.  Smart contrarians who bought them low late last year and in January have seen their capital doubled, tripled, and even quadrupled!  But such blistering gains raise the ominous specter of crippling overboughtness, conditions preceding major toppings.  Have gold stocks come too far too fast to continue their epic run?     Submitted by Adam Hamilton, Zeal: The magnitude of recent months’ gold-stock surg...
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Read this before following Warren Buffet’s investment advice

imageThis isn’t rocket science. Most people naturally do the same thing. We’re always shopping for a great deal.Except when it comes to investing.From Simon Black: Not too long ago I received an email offering the luxury trip of a lifetime to Iceland. It was a package tour… and super impressive. We would have our own private helicopters taking us all over the island for seven days. There was horseback riding, dune buggies, even racing Ferarri and Lamborghini supercars across a frozen lake. Then I saw...
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The Escalation Of The Trade War Has Us On The Precipice Of A Cataclysmic Global Economic Crisis

If Americans understood how much their standard of living was about to change, the streets would be packed with protests tomorrow. Here’s why… by Michael Snyder of The Economic Collapse Blog If Americans really understood how much their standard of living was about to change, the streets of our major cities would be packed with protesters by tomorrow morning.  For the past several decades, China and other low cost exporters have been flooding our shores with hundreds of billions of dollars worth...
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Quaker Oats Sued Over “Alarming Levels” of Toxic Glyphosate Found in its ‘All Natural’ Oats

by Mike Adams, Natural News: Quaker Oats, owned by PepsiCo, has been sued over its “all natural” oats containing high levels of glyphosate weed killer (sold as “Roundup” by Monsanto).The New York Times, forever a defender of Monsanto and GMOs, is blatantly lying to its readers by claiming the glyphosate found in Quaker Oats is nothing more than “traces.” In reality, the glyphosate contamination of Quaker Oats was tested at alarming levels: Natural News recently reported those numbers in a previo...
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Rare Earth Element Project in Canada Advances

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Paul Craig Roberts – Corrupt Central Banks Now Support Global Fraud And Massive Financial Manipulation

King World News - The United States, Weimar Germany And What The Fed Is Really Up ToToday former U.S. Treasury Secretary, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, told King World News that corrupt central banks now support global fraud and massive financial manipulation. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts:  “The same factors that produced that 2008 crisis are still there.  So the question is:  When does it (the financial crisis) manifest (itself) again?  What sets it off and why won’t the Fed simply do the same thing (paper over the problem)?  Just create more money and buy up the bad instruments and keep ...
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This Historic Ratio Points To $300 Silver

Dow-Silver-Ratio-1980-2016That’s correct.$300 silver…   Buy 2016 Silver Maples Lowest Price Ever! Submitted by SRSRocco: That’s correct.  Going by the historic Dow Jones-Silver ratio, it points to $300 silver.  This may seem outlandish or a play on hype, but it isn’t.  While many precious metals analysts have forecasted high three-digit silver prices, I didn’t pay much attention to them.  However, after I looked over all the data, $300 silver is not a crazy figure at all. Let me explain.  The U.S. economy suffered a fata...
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