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Gold & Silver Looking Good In 2019? Matt from Silver Fortune Finds Out In His Latest Interview

Gold & silver are looking good in 2019. Matt from Silver Fortune interviews Peter Hug for the details…Peter Hug interviewed by Matt from Silver Fortune on Silver Fortune Interview with Peter Hug, Global Director of trading at Kitco. For an important interview about gold & silver, including discussion on the upcoming year of 2019, tune in to the interview in its entirety below:  
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Dave Janda: Famed NSA Whistleblowers Let Loose On The Importance Of The Declassification

Dave has some EPIC insight about the declassification. Where do we stand months after Trump said release it, and unredacted? Here’s Dave & his sources… by Dave Janda of Operation Freedom In this Special Edition Youtube presentation, we get a preview of the upcoming epic Insider Insight interview featuring both famed NSA Whistleblower Bill Binney and Kirk Weibe. Those interested in the full interview: check out and our premium access option. This is one not to be missed!  
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ALERT: Gerald Celente’s Just Released His Stunning Top 10 Trends For 2019!

Today Gerald Celente, the top trends forecaster in the world, spoke with King World News about his remarkable top 10 trends for 2019. Top 10 Trends For 2019!December 15 (King World News) – Eric King:  “Gerald, we are going to talk about the top trends for 2019 and there are so many of these, but ‘Bye, Bye Boomers’ I find interesting.  You say, ‘The golden years for millions of seniors in 2019 will be marked by how to survive rather than how to thrive,’ the world is not prepared for the impact of...
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Jim Rickards: A New Cold War With China Is Possible

Sure, there is a 90-day ‘truce’, but after recent developments, Jim explains how we could be entering a new cold war. Here are the details… by Jim Rickards of Daily Reckoning On Saturday, Dec. 1, at the end of the G-20 meeting in Buenos Aires, President Trump and his team of trade and finance advisers had dinner with President Xi Jinping of China and his team. The purpose was to discuss the ongoing trade war between China and the U.S. Trump’s team had presented the Chinese team with 142 specific...
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BMG Group's Brandon White: Governments less able to hide intervention against gold

8:15p ET Friday, December 14, 2018 Dear Friend of GATA and Gold: With his Friday night "This Week in Three Minutes" commentary, Brandon White of gold dealer BMG Group in Ontario says the new year will be a defensive one for investors and that surreptitious intervention by governments against gold is being increasingly exposed as agencies refuse to answer questions about it. White's commentary is headlined "Sentiment Off" and it can be viewed here:
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Greg Hunter: It All Comes Back To The Clinton Foundation And The Treasonous Bribes

Greg says details uncovered in yesterday’s ‘whistleblower’ testimony are huge,  exposing the corrupt Clinton Foundation and its evil, treasonous deeds… Greg Hunter gives the Weekly News Wrap-Up for Friday, December 14th, 2018 In Congressional hearings on Capitol Hill today, financial experts testified about the wrongdoings of the Clinton Foundation. One of the many big bombs dropped was the fact that the original Clinton charity was only for the Clinton Library. The original function of that cha...
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Commercial Hedgers Making Moves In The Gold & Silver Markets

Commercials are making moves in the gold and silver markets. Gold & SilverDecember 14 (King World News) – For those watching the gold and silver markets, commercial hedgers added to short positions in the gold market (see chart below). Commercials Add To Gold Shorts But Remain Historically Bullish 25-Year Chart: Commercials Remain Historically Bullish Below is a 25-year chart of the commercial positions in the gold market.  Historically the commercials remain bullish, des...
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Gold & Silver Give Up Some Ground To Dig In, Harden Defenses, & Prepare For Next Week’s Battle

SD Friday Wrap: Enjoy the weekend, and be merry! For next week gold & silver go to battle with the cartel… Too bad I don’t watch movies anymore. It is also too bad my memory is shot. Because I know there’s a scene in a movie or two, you know the scene, where the great leader is with his troops the night before some big battle or whatnot, and the leader says something to the effect of, “Men – eat, drink, and be merry! For tomorrow we go to war!”. In some weird way, that is kind of how I see g...
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SRSrocco: A VERY RARE Set-Up – Who Will Win The Oil Market Tug-Of-War?

We’ve seen a tug of war in the oil price recently because of a very rare set-up in the market. Here’s what’s going on, and what SRSrocco thinks will happen… by Steve St Angelo of SRSrocco Report There has been a tug of war in the oil price over the past two weeks.  Due to a very rare setup in the market, the oil price has traded in a very narrow range as traders fight it out to see who will win control… the BULLS or the BEARS.  My bet is on the bet is on the bears.  Amazingly, the oil price is l...
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Ron Paul: All Bubbles Must Pop…The Sooner This One Pops, The Better

Everything artificial must ultimately return to reality. The sooner the return, the better. Here’s why the sooner this one pops, the better… by Ron Paul of Ron Paul Liberty Report The economic roller-coaster of booms and busts, that we’re all forced to ride, is a creation of the Socialistic institution called The Federal Reserve. By manipulating interest rates and by generating money out-of-thin-air, the Fed creates an artificial boom. Everything artificial must ultimately return to reality. Th...
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