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There Will Be HORRIFYING CONSEQUENCES If China Runs The Globalist New World Order

One of the most under-reported stories of the last century is how China is being set-up to enslave humanity and rule the world. Here are the details… Alex Newman interviewed by Greg Hunter on USA Watchdog Alex Newman, Journalist for the New American Magazine, says “one of the most important and underreported stories of the last century” is how China is being incorporated into the New World Order plan to enslave and rule the planet. Newman says, “I did a cover story (about China) a few years ago,...
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Graham Summers: Is The Everything Bubble Popping?

The economy appears to be in the late stages of a major credit expansion, like it is 2007 all over again. Here’s what the charts are showing us… by Graham Summers of Gains, Pains & Capital It’s looking more and more like 2007 all over again. Once again, the economy appears  to be roaring as it enters the late stages of a major credit expansion. Once again this late stage credit expansion is entering the inflationary blow off top. And once again, “growth” sectors of the markets are flashing t...
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Rob Kirby: I Have Never Been As Bearish For The Very, Very Short-Term As I Am Right Now

Rob is back with a critical update, which, in part, Rob says the Deep State is setting up for a massacre in the stock markets. Here’s what else is going on… Rob Kirby interviewed on Reluctant Preppers Widely followed proprietary analyst & founder of, Rob Kirby, returns to Reluctant Preppers to lay out the case why he is gravely concerned about extreme near-term risk in the equity & debt markets. Kirby also fields a vault full of YOUR QUESTIONS submitted by our Reluctan...
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Aggression Rising: Man Says Vehicle Was Set On Fire Because Of Pro-Trump Stickers

First the protests, and now the fire bombings? Here’s the latest evidence of a nation spiraling into total division en route to Civil War II… by Mac Slavo of SHTFplan A truck owner who stopped for a drink in Vancouver, Washington says that his truck was set on fire because he put some pro-Trump stickers on it. “If you say anything that someone doesn’t like, you are ultimately a target,” Johnny MacKay told KOIN-TV of Portland, Oregon. After having a few drinks at the Garage Bar and Grill, MacKay...
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Dow Plunges Over 800 Points As Selloff Intensifies, Here’s What’s Happening

On the heels of the Dow plunging over 800 points, here is what’s happening. As Dow Plunges Over 800 Points Here’s What’s HappeningOctober 10 (King World News) – Here is a look at just a few of the reasons for the brutal selloff in the Dow from Peter Boockvar:  Last Wednesday, Investors Intelligence told us in their survey that the number of respondents expecting a Correction fell to a 6 1/2 year low. Perfect timing because we are down 4 days straight since then (now 5). It typically pays to fade...
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Bix Weir: It’s 10/10/18! They’re Steering Hurricane Michael As Predicted By The 1988 Economist Magazine!

Bix says hang on tight because it is no coincidence Michael is landing on THE EXACT DAY as predicted by The Economist Magazine in 1988! Here’s more… by Bix Weir from Road to Roota You can’t make this up…Hurricane Michael is already expected to be the most expensive hurricane in Human History and it is falling on the exact day predicted on the Economist Magazine Cover in 1988!! Hang on tight!  
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Harvard Trained Economist: The Next Global Financial Crisis Is Starting

Harry Dent has spotted a divergence, warning us that something is wrong, and the next crash is clearly in motion. Here is what Harry sees… by Harry Dent of Economy & Markets The 2008 financial crisis was well overdue, what with predictably slowing demographics, especially in the U.S. at first, and an unprecedented debt bubble in the developed countries. The trigger was the subprime crisis – a small, but high-risk sector of really bad loans that started to blow up when everyday households sta...
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BOMBSHELL: Not only is something very strange going on with the FBI and gold, but it looks like the MSM is covering it up too. Here are the details… Back in March, I wrote an article highlighting how the FBI commandeered a treasure hunting group’s gold-find location. Well, the strange saga continues as there has just been a fresh update to the story. It seems the father and son duo, Dennis and Kem Parada, have hired an attorney, and they are accusing the FBI of playing games and acting suspiciou...
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The Banks Are NOT On You Side – Craig Hemke

“…no one should be under any illusion that the Banks, which operate on the COMEX, will ever be on our side. Just as in 2009-2011, the next…” by Craig Hemke of Sprott Money News Certain precious metals analysts are once again claiming that, soon, the Banks will be “on your side”. This isn’t true, it hasn’t been true and it won’t ever be true so long as the fractional reserve and digital derivative pricing scheme continues. Since much of the current optimism is based upon analysis of the CFTC-gene...
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Crypto theft hits nearly $1 billion in first nine months, report says

By Gertrude Chavez-DreyfussReutersWednesday, October 10, 2018 NEW YORK -- Theft of cryptocurrencies through hacking of exchanges and trading platforms soared to $927 million in the first nine months of the year, up nearly 250 percent from the level seen in 2017, according to a report from U.S.-based cyber security firm CipherTrace released today. The report, which looks at criminal activity and money laundering in the digital currency market, also showed a steadily growing number of smaller thef...
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