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USAGold's October letter with market and metal commentary

9p ET Tuesday, October 9, 2018 Dear Friend of GATA and Gold: USAGold's October newsletter has been posted, with commentary about fears of a stock market crash, the spurt in sales of U.S. silver eagles, concerns about inflation, Italy's threat to Eurozone unity, China's acquisition of a big mine in Argentina, and more. It's available in the clear at USAGold here: CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/TreasurerGold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc.CPo...
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Dave Janda: Trump Moving Into The Second Phase Of The Three Phase Assault On The Deep State

Dave says getting Brett Kavanaugh into the Supreme Court was the first phase of the assault. Here’s Dave explaining the next phases… Dave Janda briefing given on Operation Freedom Dave Janda is back with a very important briefing focusing on President Trump’s 3-stage assault on the Deep State. Dave says that the President needed to get Kavanaugh into the Supreme Court as phase 1 so that the Rule of Law can be restored to the nation as there are now 5 Justices who support the Constitution. Now th...
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Craig Hemke at Sprott Money: The banks are not on your side

8:48p ET Tuesday, October 9, 2018 Dear Friend of GATA and Gold: The TF Metals Report's Craig Hemke, writing at Sprott Money, argues tonight that futures trader positioning data does not suggest that the bullion banks are planning to profit from a short squeeze. Rather, Hemke says, the banks are letting off easy the traders who are now short, so as to maintain the old charade of a market in the monetary metals. Hemke's analysis is headlined "The Banks Are Not on Your Side" and it's posted at Spro...
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The Battle Between The Bearish Fundamentals And The Bullish Sentiment In The Gold Market

While the fundamental backdrop is always shifting, here’s the bearish fundamentals case for gold, as well as what could make the fundamentals change… by Steve Saville of The Speculative Investor In a 13th August blog post I noted that for the first time this year the sentiment backdrop had become decisively supportive of the gold price. I also noted that the fundamental backdrop remained unequivocally gold-bearish, and then attempted to answer the question: What will be the net effect of these c...
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The U.S.A. Is Morphing Into The U.S.S.A – The United Soviet States Of America

“Once they have the guns, the control, and the surveillance? The killing will begin…” by Jeremiah Johnson via SHTFplan We are experiencing an ever-increasing level of  surveillance over the citizenry, government censorship and closed-door policies, control and manipulation of the media, and a “hardline” shift of all institutions to the left. The institutions I’m referring to specifically are the educational system (better termed a system of indoctrination), the courts, the religious institutions...
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Here Are The Keys To The Gold Market Right Now

On the heels of the recent turbulence in the global bond markets, here are the keys to the gold market. Change in Gold Reserves Held by Emerging CountriesBy Ronald-Peter Stoeferle, Incrementum AG LiechtensteinOctober 9 (King World News) – In recent years the “axis of gold”* (countries such as China, Russia, Iran, Turkey) have frequently and more or less openly questioned the US-dominated global economic order. Their distrust is reflected in 1,600 the steady expansion of their gold reserves (see ...
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People Trying To Time The Stock Market Crash Won’t Be Able To Sell Their Stocks To Buy Gold

If investors try to wait until the stock market is crashing to sell their stocks and buy gold, it will already be too late. Here’s why… John Rubino interviewed by Kerry Lutz on the Financial Survival Network John Rubino is back for another Monday… The government only knows one way, 1) if in a crisis, print money. 2) If the crisis continues, print more and more. If that doesn’t work go back to step one. We all know that the US Dollar and fiat currencies are doomed. But no doubt they’ll create a n...
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Rising Yields Are About To Wipe That Stupid Grin Off Wall Street’s Face

It has been long accepted that rising rates would cause the stock market to fall, and it looks like we are finally seeing those effects. Here are the details… by Rick Ackerman of Rick’s Pics Interest rates have risen to levels where they are finally getting noticed, even on giddy Wall Street and in the undiscerning precincts of television business news. In recent days, nasty selloffs in the stock market have been attributed to correspondingly large leaps in Treasury yields. The move since late A...
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Join GATA in New Orleans in November and you can't lose

2:07p ET Tuesday, October 9, 2018 Dear Friend of GATA and Gold: GATA Chairman Bill Murphy and your secretary/treasurer will be speaking again this year at the New Orleans Investment Conference, and if you register to attend the conference through GATA, the conference will generously pay us a commission that will help keep the organization going. Apart from helping GATA, the conference is offering attendees an extraordinary money-back guarantee -- that if the investments you make as a result of y...
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Poland Is Buying Gold At A Pace Not Seen In 20 Years (And That’s Just One Reason To Be Bullish)

There are several reasons to be bullish on gold right now, and it’s not just about sovereign gold purchases. Here are a handful of the reasons… by Frank Holmes of US Funds According to a recent Cornerstone Macro report, the three most influential macro trends this year have been 1) the strengthening U.S. dollar, 2) the flattening yield curve and 3) slowing global manufacturing expansion. I’ve written about all three topics numerous times this year, but the one I’ve watched the most closely has b...
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