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David Morgan: What’s Going On In The Silver Market?

As the silver price continues to rally, some interesting signs have emerged…

Chris Marcus from Arcadia Economics interviews David Morgan

As the silver price continues to rally, some interesting signs have emerged. And given all that’s happening, I was fortunate to talk with David Morgan of The Morgan Report. Who may well be more qualified than just about anyone in the world to make sense of what’s going on.

We’ve seen large additions into the silver ETF’s. Continued rumors of a large buyer in the market. And a change in the trading pattern. Where the random spikes down in the market that used to sink silver a dollar or two lower are now only moving it 10 or 20 cents.

Add in that the latest COT report showed a reduction in the bank commercial short position. At higher prices. Which is certainly unusual, and contrary to the trading pattern we’ve witnessed over the past 8 years. And if margin calls are issued to those who are short, it’s possible one or more of the shorts could conceivably throw in the towel.

We’re starting to hear more and more investors talking about silver. And to make sure you stay a step ahead of the crowd, click to watch the interview now!

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