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France’s Historic Notre Dame Cathedral In Paris Engulfed In Flames

Trump says “looks like it’s burning to the ground”. France has been ravaged by church vandalism lately, though this one is being called an “accident”…

Don’t worry folks, the fire is an accident:

A major operation is under way by Paris firefighters after a blaze broke out at the historic Notre Dame Cathedral. Police said the fire began accidentally and was linked to building work at the site

Either way, Notre Dame Cathedral is on fire and burning.

Possibly to the ground:

The moment #NotreDame’s spire fell

— Patrick Galey (@patrickgaley) April 15, 2019

President Trump is speaking about the fire:

Trump: Notre Dame Cathedral is a “great treasure” of the world and the fire is a “terrible sight to behold”

— Bloomberg TV (@BloombergTV) April 15, 2019

But there is something uneasy about all of this. Specifically, France has been the victim of a number of church fires and vandalism over the past month.

Once month ago:

10 Catholic churches across France attacked in one week

— Jack Posobiec º¸ (@JackPosobiec) April 15, 2019

The cathedral engulfed in flames:

After my last tweet, I got a couple DMs asking firefighting related questions about the #NotreDameFire.

I -like most of you- are watching from a world away. But if you’re interested in some profession specific things I’d note/be concerned of, you can follow this thread.

— Gregg Favre (@GreggFavre) April 15, 2019

Getty Images from the Notre Dame Cathedral fire in Paris:

— Caleb Hull (@CalebJHull) April 15, 2019

From CNN:

Patryk Bukalski was at a café near the Notre Dame cathedral when he started smelling smoke.

“A bartender said the Notre Dame is on fire, so I left and saw this horrible picture,” he told CNN over Instagram, where he posted a video of the burning cathedral.

He said people are standing outside, just watching and crying. “It’s horrible. It’s a symbol of Paris,” Bukalski said. “It’s just sad. I don’t know what more to say.”

At the scene: It is eerily quiet. Hundreds of people are lining the Seine watching the fire, but they are silent. Police have pushed people back, even telling residents they can’t go to their homes.

“In Paris, it’s a monumental symbol — every person with different religions are really moved and saddened,” said another witness named Anne Marie, speaking with tears in her eyes.

Developing story…


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