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Here’s Proof That the US Dollar is Insanely Overvalued

Shocking. Astonishing. Jaw dropping…   Submitted by Simon Black: There’s just no other way to describe how cheap South Africa is right now. Between the worldwide decline in commodities prices, and a major crisis of confidence in the national government here, the local currency (South African rand) remains at the lowest level it’s been… ever. And that’s made nearly EVERYTHING here dirt cheap if you’re spending foreign currency… especially US dollars. Just doing something simple like eating out a...
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China's oil futures launch may threaten dollar's primacy, UBS analyst says

By Kate DuguidReutersMonday, March 26, 2018 NEW YORK -- China's launch of its crude futures exchange today will improve the clout of the yuan in financial markets and could threaten the international primacy of the dollar, argues a new report by Hayden Briscoe, APAC head of fixed income at UBS Asset Management. "This is the single biggest change in capital markets, maybe of all time," Briscoe said in a follow-up telephone interview. The launch of the oil futures denominated in China's renminbi c...
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Jim Rickards: After The Trade War Is A Shooting War Next?

“Get ready for an all-out financial war between the U.S. and China. Germany is also in the crosshairs because…” by Jim Rickards via Daily Reckoning A popular thesis since the 1930s is that a natural progression exists from currency wars to trade wars to shooting wars. Both history and analysis support this thesis. Currency wars do not exist all the time; they arise under certain conditions and persist until there is either systemic reform or systemic collapse. The conditions that give rise to cu...
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Global Financial Apocalypse Less Than 2 WEEKS AWAY? – Bo Polny

crash0 views Home » Headlines » Finance News » Global Financial Apocalypse Less Than 2 WEEKS AWAY? – Bo Polny October 3rd Looms. Is A MEGA Financial Collapse Only 2 Weeks Away? Bo Polny Believes The BIG ONE Is Imminent:  90% Junk Silver CoinsAs Low As $1.29/oz Over Spot! This entry was posted in Finance News, Gold News and tagged 2016 Jubilee, 2016 Jubilee Oct 3rd, Bo Polny, economic collapse, financial collapse, Jubilee financial collaps...
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PARADIGM SHIFT: This U.S. State Just Got An Investment 3X The Size Of The Energy Dept Budget

President Trump’s recent Asia trip scored a massive investment in this state. The MSM won’t cover it, but it represents the new paradigm. Here’s why… by Harley Schlanger of LaRouche Pac President Donald J. Trump, First Lady Melania Trump, and Barron Trump participate in the National Thanksgiving Turkey Pardoning Ceremony | November 21, 2017 At Least One State Is Going To Be Transformed By It, But The New Paradigm Is Still Blacked Out In America The President may pardon a turkey at Thanksgiving,...
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Gold & Silver Update: Will The Fed Sent Gold Plunging Below $1300?

On the chart, we see gold approaching 1300 support – it is only $10 away.  A break below 1300 could lead to a more general breakdown in gold.  With FOMC scheduled for next Wednesday, it would probably take a Fed rate increase to cause this breakdown to occur…   From Peak Prosperity: On Friday gold fell -6.10 to 1310.00 on light volume, while silver dropped -0.23 to 18.79 on light volume also.  The CPI report, released at 08:30, seemed to show stronger “core inflation” – this triggered a huge dol...
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Our Political Parties Are Obsolete

imageWhen the parties do finally implode, the general mood will be: good riddance.From Charles Hugh Smith: History informs us that once something is obsolete, it can disappear far faster than anyone expected. While we generally think of obsoleted technologies vanishing, social and political systems can become obsolete as well. Should a poor soul who entered a deep coma a year ago awaken today, we must forgive his/her astonishment at the political wreckage left by the 2016 election. The Democratic Par...
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imageWith A QUARTER MILLION water main breaks a year – US Infrastructure is DISINTIGRATING…   From SRSRocco: The United States is sitting on top of a massive amount of aging infrastructure that continues to disintegrate at an alarming rate.  According to the American Society of Civil Engineers, the U.S. suffers from 240,000 water main breaks a year.  That’s roughly 700 water main breaks each day. Some of these water main breaks can be quite large.  Here is a picture of water main break that took plac...
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Greyerz – $33,750 Gold And $575 Silver And The Biggest Wealth Destruction In History

As we get ready to kickoff trading at the start of a new week, today the man who has become legendary for his predictions on QE and historic moves in currencies, spoke with King World News about the road to $33,750 gold, $575 silver and the biggest wealth destruction in history. Are The Good Times Really Over? March 25 (King World News) – Egon von Greyerz:  “Is this it? Is the bull market finished and are the good times really over? Well, they very well could be. We are looking at a world which ...
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David Morgan: The Silver Market Will Tell You When We’re At The Bottom

You don’t have to pick whether silver is at its current short-term bottom or not if you just let the market come into your favor. Here’s more… David Morgan interviewed by Craig Hemke on TF Metals Report Silver expert David Morgan joined us for our weekly webinar today. This proved a very informative hour so we urge you to carve out some time to give it a listen. Among the topics addressed over the course of the call: the current commodity selloff in the face of the ongoing dollar weakness the pu...
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Join GATA in October at the New Orleans conference because you can't lose

10:15a ET Sunday, September 18, 2016 Dear Friend of GATA and Gold: Will you join GATA Chairman Bill Murphy and your secretary/treasurer at the New Orleans Investment Conference in the last week of October? Conference director Brien Lundin notes in the letter below that you really can't lose. He guarantees that if, as a result of what you learn at the conference, you don't at least quadruple your registration fee, your fee will be refunded. ... Dispatch continues below ... ADVERTISEMENT Gold Stan...
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BIS flashes red alert for a banking crisis in China

By Ambrose Evans-PritchardThe Telegraph, LondonSunday, September 18, 2016 China has failed to curb excesses in its credit system and faces mounting risks of a full-blown banking crisis, according to early warning indicators released by the world's top financial watchdog. A key gauge of credit vulnerability is now three times over the danger threshold and has continued to deteriorate, despite pledges by Chinese premier Li Keqiang to wean the economy off debt-driven growth before it is too late. T...
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Cannibalization and Looting Now That Its “Game Over” Says Michael Hudson

105 views Home » Headlines » Finance News » Cannibalization and Looting Now That Its “Game Over” Says Michael Hudson “J” is for “Junk Economics”, “C” and “L” give a whole new meaning to “waste”. Michael Hudson on Keiser Report Max and Michael discuss a varying range of topics, and the bottom line is that everything from wages to “assets” has turned to garbage in the United States. For an in-depth discussion on where the problems are and what the banks ...
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Why Has Gold Stalled?

gold-stalledGold’s young bull market has totally stalled out in the past couple months.  This major loss of momentum following gold’s powerful surges in 2016’s first half is really souring sentiment and vexing traders.  They are trying to figure out if gold’s recent consolidation drift is the dawn of a new bearish trend or a healthy pause within an ongoing bull.The likely answer comes from understanding what’s causing gold’s high consolidation…   Submitted by Adam Hamilton, Zeal:  Back in mid-December right...
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Gold & Silver Looking Bullish Going Into This Good Friday Shortened Trading Week

SD Outlook: From the launch of the petroyuan to U.S. markets closed for Good Friday, we could be seeing a lot of action in a short amount of time… This is a short trading week but that doesn’t stop the Fed from trying to jawbone the markets: We’ve got Fed Heads going at it every day this week, and we have early afternoon and late afternoon speeches today just to make sure the markets start off in their Fed approved ways. But today, in China anyway, and to a lesser extent here, there was another...
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Quick & Violent: Chris Vermeulen Issues A Stock Market Warning In Layman’s Terms

Chris brings the fundamental analysis today to conclude “when the bear market starts it could be very quick and violent”. Here’s why… by Chris Vermeulen of The Technical Traders As you likely know, the stock market, trading, and even long-term investing are not easy. That’s why in this post we want to make the complex simple for you. We will do this in a way that will give you that “Eureka!” moment regarding knowing what the stock market is doing now, and where it is headed over the next 12-36 m...
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Trading Sex For Food: Teens in America’s Impoverished Inner Cities Are Desperate

girl-crying-sex-tradeIt wouldn’t be a shock to hear that these kinds of things are going on in an economically-depressed nation such as Venezuela, but this is the United States of America. Researchers were stunned to learn what some of these teens are willing to do to feed themselves…     From Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog: When people get hungry enough, they will do just about anything for some food.  According to brand new research that was just released this week from Feeding America and the Urban In...
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GoldMoney's Turk discusses gold price suppression on 'Keiser Report'

9:50a ET Saturday, September 17, 2016 Dear Friend of GATA and Gold: Financial journalist and provocateur Max Keiser and GoldMoney founder and GATA consultant James Turk discussed gold price suppression and cited GATA's work on this week's edition of "The Keiser Report" on the Russia Today television network. Turk's segment is 13 minutes long and begins at the 15:07 mark here: CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/TreasurerGold Anti-Trust Ac...
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With China On 2-Day Holiday, Banksters Orchestrate BIG RAID!

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Fund Manager: Trump Just Turned The Economic Tragic-Comedy Up To Eleven

Dave Kranzler says “Trump manages to turn the volume up to eleven by appointing Larry Kudlow as his chief economic hit-man.” Here’s why… by Dave Kranzler of Investment Research Dynamics Just when you think it would be impossible for the Trump Presidency to become any more of a tragi-comedy, Trump manages to turn the volume up to eleven by appointing Larry Kudlow as his chief economic hit-man. In 1999, Kudlow predicted that the Dow would hit 50,000 by 2020: To direct his National Economic Council...
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