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Silver Miners Strong in Grim Q4

silverSince silver’s overwhelmingly-dominant driver is gold, the white metal followed the yellow metal lower.  Just several days before gold’s secular low in mid-December, silver dropped to a dismal 6.4-year secular low of its own.  Q4’15’s average silver price of $14.77 was the worst since Q3’09’s $14.72.  Silver was perfectly fulfilling its traditional role of acting like a gold sentiment gauge, tracking its driver into the abyss…   Submitted by Adam Hamilton:  The silver miners showed impressive f...
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Fund Manager: Amazon & Tesla Reflect Deep Fraud Throughout The Financial System

Dave Kranzler says “Amazon is emblematic of a fiat currency system that has gone off the rails combined with Government-enabled fraud of…” by Dave Kranzler of Investment Research Dynamics Not much needs to be said about Tesla.  Elon Musk’s performance on the Company’s conference call speaks for itself.  He basically told the lemming analysts who have been the Company’s Wall Street carnival barkers to go have sex with themselves in response to questions looking for highly relevant details on Mode...
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ALERT: Bullion Banks Continue Exiting Gold Shorts!

On the heels of another wild trading week, we have seen more commercial short covering in the gold market! Short Covering In GoldMay 19 (King World News) – As we close out trading for the week, there has been more short covering in the gold market. We are seeing commercial short covering in the gold market (see 10-year chart below). Commercial Short Covering In Gold! Below is a longer-term look at the commercial positions in the gold market… Advertisement To hear which company investors & i...
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Jeffrey Christian And Reuters ‘Discuss’ Venezuelan Gold Lapse To Deutsche Bank

Here’s the, eh-hem, details on the Venezuelan lapse on the DB gold lease… Excerpts of Jeffry Christian as interviewed by Reuters The prospect of the Venezuelan central bank disposing of more of its bullion holdings in the years tocome, after it allowed a $1.7 billion swap with Deutsche Bank to expire this month, will likely have adampening effect on gold prices, CPM Group’s managing director told the Reuters Global Gold Forumon Wednesday. “The short-term price will be affected negatively by inve...
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Heads Up on 6 Interesting Stocks

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Bitcoin mining service NiceHash says hackers emptied its wallet

By Olga KharifBloomberg NewsWednesday, December 6, 2017 NiceHash, the marketplace for cloud-based mining of cryptocurrencies, said hackers breached its systems and stole an unknown amount of bitcoin from its virtual wallet. "We are working to verify the precise number of BTC taken," the company said today in a statement on its Facebook page. It is halting operations for 24 hours, it said. The venture's main webpage showed a "maintenance" error message, linking to its social media accounts. NiceH...
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Important Update On The War That Is Raging In The Gold Market

kwn-iii-1192016With the gold and silver markets getting hit today along with the shares, today King World News is pleased to present a crucial update on the war in the gold market from Michael Oliver at MSA. Oliver allowed KWN exclusively to share this key report with our global audience.  By Michael Oliver, MSA (Momentum Structural Analysis)March 2 (King World News) – The long-term momentum trend (annual) turned up in February 2016 with a buy zone from $1140 to $1160.  The sharp corrective decline from Septem...
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Gold Slammed Under $1250 After Fed Goons Ramps Up Hawkish Tone

566 views Home » Gold » Gold News » Gold Slammed Under $1250 After Fed Goons Ramps Up Hawkish Tone The weakness in precious metals – as the dollar soared – after yesterday’s Fed minutes has extended this morning as Fed’s Lacker unleashes even greater hawkish-ness. Gold bullion is back at 3-week lows, back below $1250 with its biggest drop in 3 months…   From Tyler Durden:  Double-whammy…Gold’s biggest one-day drop in 3 months on very heavy volume   N...
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History Is Clear: The End Of Our Empire Is Approaching

“late-stage empires always collapse as the elites exhaust the resources of the masses. We are seeing clear signs of that today….” by Chris Martenson of Peak Prosperity Do you have the nagging sense that our empire is in decline? If so, don’t be embarrassed by it. Historically speaking, we’re in very good company.  Far larger and longer-lived empires than ours have come and gone over the millennia. This was hit home for me on a recent trip. I scored a major “dad win” by taking my youngest daughte...
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Iran's break with the dollar is easier said than done

By Maziar MotamediAl-Monitor, Washington, D.C.Friday, March 16, 2018 A little over two weeks ago Iran eliminated another function of the U.S. dollar in its internal workings in a move positioned amid yearslong plans to reduce dependency on the greenback. The consequences will be manifold and interconnected, but there are discrepancies in views concerning what will happen as a result among experts and officials. On Feb. 28, the Ministry of Industry, Mines, and Trade announced by way of a directiv...
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launch-rocket270 views Home » Silver » Silver News » SILVER IS GETTING SET FOR A BIG MOVE HIGHER Greg Mannarino explains why silver is getting set for a BIG move higher:   Buy 90% Silver Halves OnlineAs Low As $1.99/oz Over Spot! This entry was posted in Silver News and tagged Greg Mannarino, silver bull market, silver update, why is the price of silver going down, why is the price of silver going up. Bookmark the permalink.
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Paul Craig Roberts Says “China & Russia Will Have To Do Something”

Paul Craig Roberts discusses the political and economic turmoil in the United States. From the double edge sword of patriotism, to the push for more war, Dr. Roberts gives a very bleak outlook. Here are the issues pushing China and Russia towards an ultimatum with the United States… Paul Craig Roberts interviewed by Richie Allen Dr Roberts begins the interview on the topic of the politics of Trump Vs the NFL. As the conversation shifts to geo-politics, discussion centers around recent events in ...
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Now devout Muslims can help bullion banks and central banks short gold

Top Gold ETF Gets Islamic Finance Certification to Tap New Markets By Bernardo Vizcaino and Arpan VargheseReutersTuesday, February 14, 2017 The world's largest physically-backed gold fund said today it has been certified as sharia-compliant, the latest effort aimed at spurring demand for bullion from investors across majority-Muslim countries. Gold had traditionally been classified as a currency in Islamic finance, confining its use to spot transactions, but new guidance issued in December is ma...
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Loonie Irony: CANADA is Great Again As America is Only Getting Worse

Canada is quietly making Canada great again, and it’s not about pop-culture elitists fleeing to the North either. We’re talking about hard economic data where it is painfully obvious that actions speak louder than words… from Zero Hedge Loonie Spikes After Canada’s Best First-Half Economic Growth In 15 Years Thanks to a surge in government spending in Q2, Canada’s GDP grew at 4.5% SAAR. This is the best growth since Q3 2011 and is the best growth of all G-7 nations in Q2. This is higher than the...
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Jim Rickards: There’s Physical Gold SHORTAGES And There’s WAITING LISTS At Refiners

Gold Bullion BannerJim says physical gold shortages are popping up from Switzerland to Shanghai, and fundamentals are now taking over the market. Here’s why… by Jim Rickards via Daily Reckoning Gold, Interest Rates and Super Cycles When the Fed raised interest rates last December, many believed gold would plunge. But it didn’t happen. Gold bottomed the day after the rate hike, but then started moving higher again. Incidentally, the same thing happened after the Fed tightened in December 2015. Gold had one of its b...
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“There Will Be Signs and Wonders”: 40 Volcanoes Are Erupting Right Now As The Earth Becomes Increasingly Unstable

Have you noticed that our planet has begun to shake, rattle and roll? The entire US west coast lies along the Ring of Fire, and virtually every other section of the Ring of Fire is roaring to life these days.At some point, there will be historic earthquakes on the west coast.At some point, there will be historic volcanic eruptions on the west coast…     Submitted by Michael Snyder: Over the past few days we have seen major volcanic eruptions in Costa Rica and Indonesia, and according to Volcano...
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The situation in Mexico’s oil industry continues to rapidly disintegrate as falling oil production and rising costs resulted in an $18 billion fourth-quarter loss for the state-run oil company, PEMEX.  Part of the reason for the huge financial loss at PEMEX was the fall in the value of the Mexican Peso.  While PEMEX’s costs are in Pesos, it sells crude oil and purchases petroleum products in Dollars.  Because the Mexican Peso declined 8% versus the Dollar, it put a huge strain on the company’s y...
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U.S. Mint Gold & Silver Eagle Sales Drop Sharply Due To Central Bank Intervention

“The Fed and Central Banks have funneled investors into Stocks, Bonds, and Real Estate.  It’s that simple.  If we look at the…” by Steve St Angelo of SRSrocco Report Thanks to the Fed and Central bank intervention, sales of Gold and Silver Eagle sales declined sharply over the past year.  Yes, it’s true… precious metals investors have lost interest in gold and silver as the stocks, real estate, and crypto markets reached new highs in 2017.  So, who wants to continue purchasing gold and silver wh...
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Hillary’s Top Aide Huma Abedin Confirms: “She’s Often Confused”

imageHillary Clinton has not yet released her medical records.Now we know why…   Submitted by Michael Krieger, Liberty Blitzkrieg: Hillary Clinton’s long-time aide and campaign insider Huma Abedin may have inadvertently confirmed that Hillary Clinton’s mental and physical health are deteriorating. In a private email sent via Clinton’s unsecured server and released after a Freedom of Information request by Judicial Watch, Abedin exchanges emails with State Department aide  Monica Hanley and notes that...
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“600” Plus or Minus- It Doesn’t Matter – We’re Just Talking Tonnes of Gold…

shrug2The great and large and trusted institutions that deal with gold, I mean really big gold exchanges, the purveyors of gold markets supply and demand data. Well … how should I put this? They seem to have certain “tweaks” that come and go in their printed brochures, press releases and so on.Now when I say the word “tweak” you might be forgiven in assuming some small adjustment correction upon arrival of more exact statistics and such like.But this time it’s 600 tonnes approximately… Submitted by A...
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