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An Overreaction In A Major Silver Producer As Dow Nears 24,000

kwn-gsv-2017On the heels of the Dow moving back toward the 24,000 level, there was an overreaction in one of the world’s largest silver producers. A Little Help From…By Bill Fleckenstein President Of Fleckenstein CapitalApril 30 (King World News) – The early going saw the market modestly higher, with the Dow leading the charge and gaining about 0.5%, while the other two major indices were up a fair bit less. The Dow was helped by a 3% move in Apple that appeared to be a function of expectations for a large ...
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2017 Silver Coin Sales May Have Been Down In The U.S. But This Silver Category Was Up Impressively

“Among other positive factors leading to these results, there is a growing awareness within the industry that silver…” Silver Institute Press Release SURVEY RESULTS INDICATE SOLID U.S. SILVER JEWELRY SALES IN 2017 (Washington, D.C. – March 8, 2018) Jewelry retailers in the United States described strong silver jewelry sales last year, with 59% reporting increased sales in 2017, according to a survey conducted on behalf of the Silver Institute’s Silver Promotion Service (SPS). The results also s...
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A Look Inside the Battle to Prevent a Release of GMO Mosquitos in Florida

We’ve all heard of the Zika virus. What you probably haven’t heard of is British biotechnology company Oxitec, purchased last year by billionaire Randal Kirk.Oxitec is a Bio-tech company that has released GMO mosquitos in at least Brazil, Malaysia, Panama and the Grand Cayman islands.The company also planned a release in Florida, but has thus far been stopped by a group of determined activists.Bloomberg covered the story in a fascinating article published earlier today titled, Florida’s Feud Ove...
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polnyBo Polny is looking for a BLACK MONDAY style Historic Stock Crash/Panic in October. Then again, Bo also forecast financial Armageddon by October 2nd, and August, and June, and March, and November 2015, and….well, you get the picture…We’re glad to know the date is now sometime in October.  Previously, it was: And August: “The next bottom will happen between now and this coming August…This is going to be Biblically bad… You are going to have a day where the Dow might drop 4,000 points…      And J...
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“You’re Going to See Gold & Silver Take A Moon Shot”: Mike Maloney Warns the Worst Crash of All Is Coming

plane-crash1,406 views Home » Silver » Silver News » “You’re Going to See Gold & Silver Take A Moon Shot”: Mike Maloney Warns the Worst Crash of All Is Coming It’s going to be devastating for most people… I believe there is going to be an enormous wealth transfer…This crash is going to be deflationary, and it will be true deflation.This next crash is going to be devastating because it will be stocks, real estate and bonds (all at the same time).This is going ...
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David Morgan: What EVERYBODY Needs To Know About Silver And The United States Dollar

“What if you knew that we’ve been hoodwinked to allow the theft of our wages, savings, and retirements, by unconstitutional…” David breaks it down… David Morgan interviewed on Reluctant Preppers Are you aware of how the US Dollar is actually defined by the US Constitution? What a US Dollar IS, WHO can issue it, what FORM it can take? What if you knew that we’ve been hoodwinked to allow the theft of our wages, savings, and retirements, by unconstitutional substitute currency that steals our labor...
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LBMA chooses tech firms for new trade reporting

London Gold Market Boosts Transparency with New Platform By Henry SandersonFinancial Times, LondonWednesday, October 12, 2016 The London Bullion Market Association, which oversees the city's $5-trillion gold market, has named the financial technology firms that will run its electronic platform in an effort to bolster trading transparency for the precious metal. Starting in the first quarter of next year, physical gold trades by LBMA members will be reported to a platform run by Boat Services, a ...
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SRSrocco Precious Metals Webinar: Big Events Coming & 1 Oz Silver Buys 6 Months Of Food In Venezuela

During the Precious Metals Webinar, Tom Cloud discussed how one ounce of silver will now buy six months of food in Venezuela.  This is a perfect example how precious metals become the best stores of wealth during a currency collapse and hyperinflation. Precious Metals Expert Tom Cloud also shared three big upcoming events in the […]Original link
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The Money Bomb: How to Protect Your Assets From NIRP, Bail-Ins, & CHINA

image0 views Home » Headlines » Finance News » The Money Bomb: How to Protect Your Assets From NIRP, Bail-Ins, & CHINA A financial storm is coming… Numbered Rim, Only 2,500 Minted! This entry was posted in Finance News and tagged Dollar collapse, hyperinflation, Jeff Berwick, The Dollar Vigilante. Bookmark the permalink.
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‘Audit The Fed’ Is Back With Senator Rand Paul’s Renewed Effort

Senator Rand Paul has a new strategy to finally pass ‘Audit the Fed’ and reign in an out-of-control Federal Reserve. Here’s the details… While we would like to see the words ‘Abolish the Fed’, at least Senator Rand Paul is out with a new push for Audit the Fed. But first, why Abolish the Fed? Two reasons, and it has to do with the Constitution. First, Congress is in charge of our money and monetary policy. This is clear in Article 1 Section 8 of our Constitution: To coin Money, regulate the Valu...
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Two Companies Report Strong Growth

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The Short-Sell Report On First Majestic Silver Is Fraudulent

silver-mine“This is outright incompetence or fraud, or both.”The First Majestic short report issued by Kerrisdale was nothing more than a fraud-filled hit-job:   By PM Fund Manager Dave Kranzler:  In my last issue of the Mining Stock Journal (Sept 15), I featured trading opportunities in three large-cap mining stocks plus I explained why a recent buy recommendation from the National Inflation Association was a nothing more than a pump-n-dump operation. Although the sell-off in AG stock was attributed to a ...
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RED ALERT: Russian Gov’t Tells Russian Students Studying Abroad to IMMEDIATELY Return to Russia

putin1,338 views Home » Silver » Silver News » RED ALERT: Russian Gov’t Tells Russian Students Studying Abroad to IMMEDIATELY Return to Russia I do not know about you, but I think the following is quite alarming;The Russian government has told Russian students studying abroad to immediately return to Russia:   MASSIVE 10 TONNE INCREASE IN GOLD INVENTORY AT THE GLD DESPITE GOLD’S FALL??/1.76 MILLION OZ REMOVED FROM SLV/ WE NOW HAVE OVER 25 TONNES OF GOLD ST...
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Central Banks Switching From Sellers To Buyers Of Gold Has Had A Stunning Impact On The Market

SRSrocco says that over the last sixteen years, central banks have gone from being net sellers to net buyers. Here’s how this has impacted the market… by Steve St Angelo of SRSrocco Report The switch from Central bank gold sales to purchases had a big impact on the gold market.  Precious metals investors fail to realize that Central banks sold a staggering amount of gold into the market up until 2009.  It’s also quite interesting that Central banks became net purchasers after the 2008 Market mel...
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FLASH SALE: 2017 Silver Maples $1.75 Over Spot, Any Qty!

FLASH SALE: 2017 Silver Maples $1.75 Over Spot, Any Qty! | Silver Doctors Gold, Silver, & Finance News
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Marc Faber – If You Want To Make A Fortune In 2017, Buy These Stocks

kwn-marc-faber-mp3-162016Today King World News interviewed legend Marc Faber and he spoke about what stocks investors should buy if they want to make a fortune this year. Eric King:  “Marc, you hit on something that I was talking with James Turk about earlier today and it was the mining shares and the fact that they were the #1 financial performer last year and yet the money managers and investors were not invested in them.  Even today when you look at the sector it is so hated.  The reason I’m bringing this up is that ...
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Gold Prices Fall Just In Time For Diwali

Indian goldThe western banker gold cartel has made about a billion Indian really happy…   From PM Fund Manager Dave Kranzler:  Holding physical gold and silver remains the primary hedge in preserving the purchasing power and liquidity of one’s wealth and assets in the difficult times ahead. The hedge needs to be held into and through the crisis, in order to provide its full benefit.  – John Williams, I can’t figure out if the Fed/Wall Street bullion banks understand that every time they sma...
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Paper Gold & Silver – A Tragic Reflection Of The US Financial System

796 views Home » Gold » Gold News » Paper Gold & Silver – A Tragic Reflection Of The US Financial System Wow.  The hedge funds are almost net short silver contracts again, having had their algos steered into that predicament by the bullion bank market manipulation.  From PM Fund Manager Dave Kranzler: The fraudulent paper short position in both gold and silver – but especially silver – is many multiples larger than the available supply of physical ...
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A “Cat 5” Financial System Hurricane Swirls Offshore

imagesThings are worse than are even being reported by alternative media.Heard from a friend east of the Atlantic ‎whose employer is a financial institution in Europe – you can probably guess which country.  Words used were “chaos” and “possible shutdown.”Advised to buy silver as much as possible…From PM Fund Manager Dave Kranzler:  One of the biggest benefits I get from writing newsletters (Mining Stock and Short Seller’s Journal) is that I get “grassroots Main Street” intel from subscribers.  This h...
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EXPOSED: Bombshell Revelations Reveal Hillary Campaign Funded the NBC/WSJ Clinton +11 Point Poll

riggedIt is now time to lay all media polling naked for you to grasp. Everything below is fully cited so you can fact-check it for yourself.However, we present this with a disclaimer: the entities exposed will industriously work to change their approach from this day forth.   From The Conservative Treehouse via ZeroHedge: The Real Battle, is The Battle For Your Mind. Researchers and political analysts frequent CTH because we bring you hard, factual, and fully cited research enabling you to make up you...
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