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FOIA Laws Don’t Apply to Gold Riggers?

Dear European Banking Authority,Some information of TFEU 1.1 violations for you by the German State, followed by a FOIA request at the end. In 2013, BaFin, under the control of Elke Konig, began an investigation of Deutsche Bank for gold price manipulation. That investigation was closed by BaFin just prior to 28 January 2015 which claimed that it did not find any evidence. Subsequently in London Silver Fixing Ltd. Antitrust Litigation, 1:14-md-02573 U.S. District Court, Southern District of New ...
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Experts and The Gold Standard

Buy Gold Bars at SD BullionGold expert Dr. Lawrence White makes his case for why the classical gold standard should be part of any modern day discussion for monetary system reform: Submitted by Larry White:  Dr. Lawrence White has just written an excellent article  that asks why most mainstream economists oppose the gold standard. First, let me make it clear that I am not Dr. Lawrence White and (as far as I know) we are not related. We just happen to have the same name. When I saw this article I felt it would be an exce...
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Sprott Money News Weekly Wrap-up - 6.10.16

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The Money Bomb: How to Protect Your Assets From NIRP, Bail-Ins, & CHINA

image0 views Home » Headlines » Finance News » The Money Bomb: How to Protect Your Assets From NIRP, Bail-Ins, & CHINA A financial storm is coming… Numbered Rim, Only 2,500 Minted! This entry was posted in Finance News and tagged Dollar collapse, hyperinflation, Jeff Berwick, The Dollar Vigilante. Bookmark the permalink.
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Ignore North Korea, Debt Ceiling Debate And Fears Of A Government Shutdown As Gold & Silver Set To Take Out Highs

kwn-ii-5182017With escalating fears of possible war with North Korea, debt ceiling debate and fears of a government shutdown, forget the noise as gold and silver are set to take out highs. Forget The NoiseSeptember 5 (King World News) – Here is what Peter Boockvar noted as the world awaits the next round of monetary madness:  A lot of what we do every day as analysts, investors, economists, strategists, traders etc… is sift thru the noise and separate what’s important for markets and what is not. I do my best...
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David Stockman Says The Financial Black Swan Is Right There IN PLAIN SIGHT

And David says this black swan is about to teach everybody a lesson in sound money all over again – big time! Here’s why… by David Stockman of David Stockman’s Contra Corner The black swan in plain sight does emit the Donald’s orangish glow, but at the end of the day its true color is actually red. That is, monumental towers of rapidly rising debt loom everywhere on the planet. For the moment, the artificial cash flow from this unsustainable borrowing spree is keeping a simulacrum of growth and ...
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Harvey Organ: Bankers Panic As Tonnage Standing For Delivery Keeps Rising!

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As The Markets Begin To Crack, Investors Need To See These Two Charts

A SERIOUS CRACK appeared in the markets today.  This was due to the lousy payroll report of only 38,000 new jobs for May.  The market expected 160,000 new jobs, but it turned out to be more than four times less… LOL.  This is the worst jobs report since 2010. Moreover, the jobs that we have […]Original link
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European Central Bank ready to rig markets if French voters misbehave

ECB Can Help Banks, Not Governments After French Vote, Visco Says By Francesco CanepaReutersSaturday, April 22, 2017 The European Central Bank can supply cash to banks if Sunday's presidential vote in France roils markets but suppressing a rise in governments' borrowing costs would go beyond its remit, ECB policymaker Ignazio Visco said on Saturday. Investors fear that a potential run-off between eurosceptic candidates Marine Le Pen and Jean-Luc Mélenchon would raise questions about France's fut...
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India's banks still dragging their feet with gold monetization scheme

By Sutanuka GhosalThe Times of India, MumbaiFriday, May 27, 2016 KOLKATA, India -- The Gold Monetisation Scheme remains a non-starter seven months after its introduction as most banks are yet to enter an agreement with collection centres and refiners, two players in the chain said. The scheme aims to unlock 22,000 tonnes of idle gold lying with Indian households and reduce the country's dependence on imported gold. Banks...
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Miramont Prepares Phase 1 Drill Program

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LBMA chooses tech firms for new trade reporting

London Gold Market Boosts Transparency with New Platform By Henry SandersonFinancial Times, LondonWednesday, October 12, 2016 The London Bullion Market Association, which oversees the city's $5-trillion gold market, has named the financial technology firms that will run its electronic platform in an effort to bolster trading transparency for the precious metal. Starting in the first quarter of next year, physical gold trades by LBMA members will be reported to a platform run by Boat Services, a ...
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Sprott Money News Weekly Wrap-up - 5.11.18

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The Two Most Important Reasons To Invest In Gold & Silver

“While one of the reasons to own precious metals is understood by many in the alternative media community, the more important critical factor is not…” by Steve St Angelo of SRSrocco Report As the markets and financial system continue to be propped up by an ever-increasing amount of debt and leverage, precious metals investors need to understand the two most important reasons to invest in gold and silver.  While one of the reasons to own precious metals is understood by many in the alternative me...
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City Passes First US Bitcoin Mining Ban After Mining Consumes Too Much Of The City’s Electricity

“The State of New York is already fighting…Thursday took action to stop miners from taking advantage of the cheap hydroelectric power…” from Zero Hedge In sleepy upstate New York, one small post-industrial city has adopted what’s widely believed to be the first bitcoin mining ban in the US. On Thursday evening, the city council in Plattsburgh New York voted unanimously to impose an 18-month moratorium on bitcoin mining, per Motherboard. As we pointed out earlier this month, two large-scale bitco...
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Hacked Texas Billboards Target Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

image0 views Home » Headlines » World News » Hacked Texas Billboards Target Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton A group calling itself New World Hackers has been taking over billboards along Interstate 30 in Dallas. Like myself, the group seems to dislike both the Democratic and Republican candidates for President, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Submitted by Michael Krieger: Newsweek reports: Electronic road signs in Texas have been targeted by hacker...
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Global ELITE Are BUYING GOLD — Marin Katusa

gold182 views Home » Gold » Gold News » Global ELITE Are BUYING GOLD — Marin Katusa This is not something you’re going to read in the Wall Street Journal…   1 oz Silver Superman S-Shield Intro Pricing! Numbered Rim, Only 2,500 Minted! This entry was posted in Gold News and tagged buying gold, SGTreport. Bookmark the permalink.
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Not Nukes But Weaponized Economics: WWIII Will Be An Economic War

Brandon Smith says “there are much more precise and effective weapons than nukes in the arsenal of the establishment globalists that manipulate…” by Brandon Smith via Alt-Market There is a mass delusion in the mainstream created I think in large part by too much exposure to movie fantasy and TV fiction. It is an immediate assumption; one that I believe is far more dangerous than many people give it credit for. The assumption is that the next great war, should it occur, will inevitably be a nucle...
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Silver Supply Watch: Worlds Largest Silver Mines Suffer Declining Productivity And Rising Costs

The physical silver supply may soon come under pressure as productivity falls and costs of production rise in the worlds largest silver mines. Here’s more… by Steve St. Angelo of SRSrocco Report WORLD’S LARGEST SILVER MINES: Suffer Falling Ore Grades & Rising Costs The world’s two largest silver mines have seen their productivity decline substantially due to falling ore grades and rising costs.  Gone are the days when silver mines could produce silver at 15-20 ounces per ton.  Today, the Pri...
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Grasshopper Nation: Will You Be Able to Help Those Who Aren’t Prepared?

Caption ContestWhen the Global Financial Collapse arrive, Whom will you help? And how much will you be able to… Submitted by Adam Taggart: Take a moment to reflect on all the people you care about who aren’t reading this article. Or sites like this, which wrestle with the implications of limits to growth and the concerning unsustainability of the economic and natural systems our society depends upon. How many of your family members, good friends, and neighbors simply choose to ignore the messages from those o...
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