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Gold accumulation increases in April in China, India, Russia

7:08a ET Monday, May 1, 2017 Dear Friend of GATA and Gold: Bullion Star's gold market charts for April, drawn from Nick Laird's Gold Charts R Us internet site, show increasing accumulation in China, India, and Russia, signified perhaps most notably in China by withdrawals through the Shanghai Gold Exchange. Bullion Star's report is posted here: CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/TreasurerGold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc.CPowell...
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Gold Company Doubles Drill Program Scope at Red Lake District Project

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THE ENDGAME: All Hell Is About To Break Loose In The Gold Market

As we approach the final endgame, all hell is about to break loose in the gold market. April 1 (King World News) – Gold fund manager, Lawerence Lepard:  “Longest and deepest bear market in gold stocks since WWII. Companies trading at record low multiples to book, cash flow, revenues, gold price. Table pounding buy.” (see chart below). You may ask, what happens after bear markets in mining stocks end?… BONUS INTERVIEW:To listen to Doug Casey’s just-released KWN interview discussing his predictio...
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Sprott Money Daily News (September 25, 2014)

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The Global Economy Is Sinking Fast, And It’ll Take The US Economy With It

People think the US recovered from the December scare, but the global economy is rapidly sinking, and it’ll likely take the US economy with it. Here’s why… by Mac Slavo of SHTFplan Although many declared the deceleration in the economy in December to be a “soft patch” that we’ve somehow recovered from, others aren’t so sure.  The rest of the global economy is slowing down and sinking at a fairly rapid rate, and the U.S. economy will likely go with it. According to a report by Forbes, there is no...
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The Memories Of The 2015 Flash Crash Keep Racing To The Front Of My Brain

August can be a dangerous time for the stock market, and there are plenty of reasons to think this one could be especially dangerous, but… by Kevin Muir of The Macro Tourist I don’t know about you, but I’m worried. The economic cycle is long in the tooth. Equity valuations are stretched. The yield curve is flattening. Emerging markets and other liquidity-sensitive markets are sagging. The Federal Reserve is raising rates while also attempting the never-before-accomplished feat of reversing a de...
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From Nazi Gold Trains to Gold Loans – Banca d’Italia’s Mammoth Gold Reserves

gold vaultA view of Nazi gold on shelves in the Palazzo Koch vaults, Rome…   Submitted by Ronan Manly, Bullionstar: Italy’s gold has had an eventful history. Robbed by the Nazis and taken to Berlin. Loaded on to gold trains and sent to Switzerland. Flown from London to Milan and Rome. Used as super-sized collateral for gold backed loans from West Germany while sitting quietly in a vault in New York. Leveraged as a springboard to prepare for Euro membership entry.  Inspired Italian senators to visit the Pa...
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Copper Is Signaling That The Fed Has Screwed Up – BIG TIME

Copper has been crashing, and upon further analysis, it appears the base metal is signaling that the Fed screwed up. Big time. Here’s why… by Graham Summers of Gains Pains & Captial The markets are now screaming at the Fed that it needs to “back off.” Copper is widely called “Dr. Copper” due to its close association with economic growth. With that in mind, take a look at the chart below. First and foremost, we see that Copper entered a “growth” period in November 2016. From this point until...
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Cash ban only taught Indians not to trust the banking system

India's Cash Ban Failed Even to Create a Bank Savings Culture By Mihir SharmaBloomberg NewsSaturday, September 1, 2018 The Indian central bank's final tally of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's 2016 demonetization drive, intended to take money derived from tax evasion out of circulation, showed that 99.3 percent of outlawed high-value banknotes had been returned. That's a severe loss of face for officials, who had argued that holders of the cash would rather destroy it than return it to banks, prov...
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What Can Preppers Learn From California’s Massive Back-To-Back Earthquakes?

It may not be over yet, and It’s always important to study disasters when they occur. We can learn a lot, including… by Daisy Luther via The Organic Prepper Since Thursday, Southern California has been hit with a series of earthquakes and aftershocks all the way up to two that measured 6.4 and a whopping 7.1 magnitude. The epicenter of both quakes was near the town of Ridgecrest, with a population of nearly 29,000 people. The Earthquakes On the Fourth of July, the strongest earthquake in 20 year...
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*Breaking: MILITARY COUP IN TURKEY – Lira Crashes, GOLD Jumps! – Harvey Organ

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Sprott Money News Weekly Wrap-Up - 7.20.18

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Rob Kirby: I Have Never Been As Bearish For The Very, Very Short-Term As I Am Right Now

Rob is back with a critical update, which, in part, Rob says the Deep State is setting up for a massacre in the stock markets. Here’s what else is going on… Rob Kirby interviewed on Reluctant Preppers Widely followed proprietary analyst & founder of, Rob Kirby, returns to Reluctant Preppers to lay out the case why he is gravely concerned about extreme near-term risk in the equity & debt markets. Kirby also fields a vault full of YOUR QUESTIONS submitted by our Reluctan...
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“The Great Secret”

As we come to the end of trading in September, this piece called, “The Great Secret” reminds me of the kind of writing that King World News put out so often from Richard Russell.  It is a short but incredibly powerful read. “The Great Secret”By Jeff Saut, Chief Investment Strategist at Raymond JamesSeptember 28 (King World News) –We got an email yesterday from a dear friend whose mother is dying. She was in tears about her mom and our advice was to go to see her and spend what time was left with...
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Legendary Gold Investor Jim Sinclair ‘Doubts’ Gold Confiscation Will Happen With Trump

sinclair173 views Home » Gold » Gold News » Legendary Gold Investor Jim Sinclair ‘Doubts’ Gold Confiscation Will Happen With Trump Responding to in inquiry regarding the likely price the government would reimburse gold owners in the event of a confiscation, Legendary Gold Expert Jim Sinclair Explains the Risk of Gold Confiscation Just Went Way Down: From JSMineset: (CIGA Dismal Dave) to all our Canadian Friends So, just sit back. Enjoy the show. This is all yo...
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Russian banks increase gold purchases at record pace

From Russia Today, MoscowThursday, February 1, 2018 The Russian government has purchased two-thirds of all the gold mined in country, buying it from local banks to add to reserves as the Kremlin sees the precious metal as a safe haven at a time of geopolitical turbulence. "For banks this is good business. They credit mining companies, which return the loan with the gold they extracted. Then banks sell it to the central bank," according to the Russian Finance Ministry, quoted by the Prime news ag...
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Deutsche Bank to pay C$5.5 million to settle Canadian gold and silver market-rigging cases

2:18p ET Monday, February 11, 2019 Dear Friend of GATA and Gold: Deutsche Bank has agreed to pay nearly C$5.5 million to settle class-action lawsuits in Canada accusing the bank of manipulating the gold and silver markets, according to the Toronto law firm representing the plaintiffs. In e-mails sent to class members and statements posted on its internet site, the law firm, Sotos LLC, said Deutsche Bank "does not admit any wrongdoing or liability." ... Dispatch continues below ... ADVERTISEMENT...
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Monetary Metals provides lease rate charts to Goldseiten

Company AnnouncementFriday, September 29, 2017 By Bron Suchecki SCOTTSDALE, Arizona -- Monetary Metals announces that it has licensed its charts for the gold forward rate (GOFO), silver forward rate (SIFO), gold lease rate, and silver lease rate to the German precious metals internet site Goldseiten: The charts appearing on Goldseiten are updated daily, based on Monetary Metals' calculated forward and lease rates. Monetary Metals has developed a proprietary method of ca...
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Watch The Toronto Van Killer Get Harmlessly Arrested (While Clearly Attempting ‘Suicide By Cop’)

Would Alek Minassian have been gunned down if he were in the United States? Be the judge for yourself by viewing the brief video of his arrest…Here’s the video of the arrest of the van driver in yesterday’s terrorist rampage in Toronto. Would he have been shot about 20 times if this took place in the United States? This Tweet says it all (and the video speaks louder than words): Video of the arrest of the #Toronto suspect. He was clearly attempting suicide by cop at the end.
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Economic Collapse Straight Ahead For The Global Economy And The U.S. Stock Market

The economic collapse which started with the stock market drop early in the year will be readily apparent this summer. Here’s why… by David Haggith of The Great Recession Blog First I said I believed the US stock market would plunge in January, but I also said that January would not be the biggest drop, but just the first plunge that begins a global economic collapse: the big trouble for the economy and the stock market, I said, would show up in “early summer.” That’s when the stock market crash...
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