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Chris Vermeulen Asks – Where’s The Capitulation In Gold & Silver?

The metals react to the fear of a collapsing stock market by rocketing higher, but we haven’t seen the move, so here’s Chris to explain what is going on… by Chris Vermeulen of The Technical Traders Over the past 20+ years of research and trading in the markets, our team of traders and researchers know one thing is certain, when fear hits the global markets, precious metals react by rocketing higher.  We’ve seen this happen over and over again – even when non-US geopolitical concerns spark some t...
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The Swiss Referendum, PM Repatriation & Market Manipulation | SM Weekly Wrap Up (November 28, 2014)

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Sprott Money Daily News (November 27, 2014)

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Sprott Money Daily News (November 26, 2014)

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Gold & Silver Update: Commercials Start Ringing the Cash Register

imageIn silver, the commercials closed -12.2k shorts, an 8% decrease, while managed money bailed out of 10.8k longs, a 10.8% decrease. Commercials have finally started ringing the cash register after printing up a large amount of paper silver over the past months. From the COT report perspective, we are not at a low yet for silver – we need quite a bit more short covering in the commercials to bring us back to even a neutral position.From Peak Prosperity: On Friday gold rose +4.10 to 1269.50 on moder...
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Gold Miner Drills a New Copper-Gold Discovery

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Why We Need Savings To Produce What We Need

“Any so-called economic growth…can only be on account of the private sector that manages to grow the pool of real savings…” Conventional wisdom says that savings is the amount of money left after monetary income was used for consumer outlays, implying that saving is synonymous with money. Hence, for a given consumer outlays an increase in money income implies more saving and thus more funding for investment. This in turn sets the platform for higher economic growth. Following this logic, one cou...
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Sprott Money Daily News (November 19, 2014)

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The Best Way To Play The Oil Price Rally

penta-2Here’s something few energy investors know…   This report from is a paid advertorial. The Latin American energy sector is at its most lucrative turning point ever. In Argentina, while all the supermajors are tied up in the Vaca Muerta shale, massive heavy oil opportunities are up for grabs. In Colombia, demand for gas is dangerously outpacing supply, and the country’s largest gas field is declining rapidly. They need 65MMscf to come online every year just to keep pace. And gas in C...
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Yuan Denominated Gold Fix Begins, Gold & Silver Shorts in a Panic?

China goldY-Day is here! We’ve waited for years for the Chinese and their Shanghai Gold exchange to offer a competing Price “fix” to the existing structure out of London…and it all starts NOW!How will this impact the gold market?  At what price will the Shanghai Fix come in?If this morning’s massive short squeeze is any indication… Buy American Gold Eagles at SD Bullion Lowest Prices Online! Submitted by Craig Hemke: By about 8:30 London time Tuesday morning (3:30 am EDT), we’ll know. And won’t it be fun ...
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MSM October Forecast: Either A Great Market Or A Middling Market

There can only be a great October or a so-so October. It’s Unicorns and Rainbows (great) or Unicorns and Rainbows Lite (middling), but under no circumstances does the MSM even ponder a third possibility… by Ryan Vlastelica via MarketWatch The period between the end of April and the end of October is informally considered the “worst six months” for both the Dow Jones Industrial AverageDJIA, +0.11%  and the S&P 500 SPX, +0.37% according to the Stock Trader’s Almanac, with the tail end of that ...
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World Gold Council plans another ETF

New Physical Gold ETF Filed From, New YorkMonday, December 4, 2017 The World Gold Council has filed for a new physical gold ETF. The Gold Trust will be very similar to the $35 billion SPDR Gold Trust (GLD), the world's largest gold fund, but with key differences. At first glance, the fund looks like it will go head to head with GLD, but maybe not. It seems unlikely the World Gold Council would want to cannibalize a successful existing product that already has its backing. The filing is a...
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Lynette Zang: I AM ALL IN ON GOLD Because IT IS CRYSTAL CLEAR The Reset Is Coming

Lynette says it’s all speeding up now, and if what’s happening in the markets doesn’t scare you into attention, you will go down with the ship. Here’s more… by Lynette Zang of ITM Trading Some of the questions covered in this session: Question 1. Can you explain what has to happen for the Plunge Protection Team finally to be unable to prop up the stock market as I believe they have time after time?Question 2. Most people will flock to precious mining stocks, so they should prosper in a correctio...
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Chris Vermeulen: Countdown To The Precious Metals Breakout Rally

Chris says that silver is the real gem of the precious metals world, with a much bigger upside potential than gold. Here’s why… by Chris Vermeulen of The Technical Traders If you have been following our research over the past few months, you already know that we’ve called just about every major move in Gold over the past 14+ months.  Recently, we called for Gold to rally to  $1300 area, establish a minor peak, stall and retrace back to setup a momentum base pattern.  We predicted this move to ta...
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China stocked up on Swiss gold as turbulent year came to a close

By Wendy WuSouth China Morning Post, Hong KongSunday, February 5, 2017 China's gold imports from Switzerland soared at the end of last year when Beijing was struggling to defend the yuan and incoming U.S. President Donald Trump was casting grave doubts about Sino-U.S. economic ties. The Swiss Federal Customs Administration said in January that its gold bullion exports to China rose to 158 tonnes in December from 30.6 ton...
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Louis Cammarosano: Time Is Running Out To Stop The Next Crisis

Louis and Matt from Silver Fortune on the economy, stock market, gold, & silver. Louis has a theory on what the next bubble will be. Here are the details… Louis Cammarosano and Matt from Silver Fortune have a discussion over at Silver Fortune Louis Cammarosano, from his channel and website Smaulgld, joins me to discuss silver, gold, the recent volatility in stocks, and how much longer this economic expansion can continue.  
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Michael Snyder: The National Debt is BEYOND CRIMINAL

Michael Snyder says the $100,000,000 added to the National Debt every single hour is beyond criminal, and if America doesn’t wake up soon, it will be too late. He says we are destroying the future for our children and grandchildren… by Michael Snyder of Economic Collapse Blog When will America finally wake up?  The borrower is the servant of the lender, and we now have a colossal 20 trillion dollar chain around our collective ankles.  We have willingly enslaved ourselves, our children and our gr...
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China’s Gold Reserves Grow For A Third Straight Month In February

After years of reporting no change in gold holdings, China has announced an increase in gold reserves for the third straight month… China’s gold reserves are growing again as an increase in holdings has been announced for the third straight month. From Xinhua: BEIJING, March 7 (Xinhua) — China increased its gold reserves for a third straight month in February, data from the central bank showed. The country’s gold reserves amounted to 60.26 million ounces by the end of last month, a slight growth...
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Chris Vermeulen: Ahoy! Batten Down the Hatches, Mates

Chris says to get ready for some crazy price trends in the US stock market, and he says that for both fundamental and technical reasons… by Chris Vermeulen of The Technical Traders Get ready for some crazy price trends in the US markets as investors react to earnings, housing data and overall re-evaluations of future objectives.  As we warned on September 17 with this post and on October 1 with this post, we believed the future Q3 earnings weeks and the 2~4 weeks leading into the US Mid-term ele...
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New Year, Same Old Crisis As Argentina’s Peso Plummets (Again) While Inflation Soars (Again)

Argentina’s financial turmoil continues as the Argentine peso hits a new record low and inflation soars. Here are the details… from Zero Hedge With inflation soaring (and forecast to accelerate further), the Argentine Peso has plummeted the last few days even as the central bank raised 7-day Leliq rate to 51.862%, according to two people with direct knowledge. The weakness accelerated into the close… Taking the peso down top a new record low… Peso has dropped 11% this year, making it the wors...
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