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Civil Unrest, Violent Protests & Riots: How To Tell If Your City Is About To Blow-Up

From organized chaos to spontaneous rioting sparked by something like a controversial police shooting, here’s how to tell if the “S” is about to hit the “F”… by Isabelle Z of Natural News (Natural News) As more and more political protests turn violent, the likelihood of civil unrest or even urban warfare breaking out seems increasingly high. A lot of people are showing a particularly vicious edge to their disagreement with President Trump and his policies that was not seen in the past, and it’s ...
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The Trading Action in Gold & Silver is Alot More Interesting Than it Looks – Fund Manager

A little UK News on ATMs. Jim Rickards has alerted UK residents via a Daily Reckoning email to notices appearing on UK ATMs: “Funds from deposits may not be available for immediate withdrawal. Please refer to our rules regarding fund availability”. Anyway, by pure coincidence I went to my local Tesco to try and withdraw some cash.  All three of the ATMs there were “Out of Order”. I reported this to a few family and friends.  So far one has got back and tells me that three days later all three of...
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Civil War Would Erupt If “Green Deal” Socialists Actually Get What They Want

Peaceful transition is not going to happen. Millions of conservatives would not accept the institution of green deal measures. They would revolt… by Brandon Smith via Alt-Market In the months preceding the 2016 presidential election, I predicted a Trump election win but tried to temper expectations with the reality that there were multiple scenarios exploitable by globalists which could turn the conservative elation into confusion and chaos. Just after the election, I published an article titled...
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2019: Mayhem, Misallocation and the Mockery of True Price Discovery

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Was It Or Was It Not A Golden Cross?

With the price of gold trading near the $1,250 level after the recent takedown, was it or was it not a golden cross? Not A Golden CrossJune 26 (King World News) – Here is a portion of today’s note from Jason Goepfert at SentimenTrader:  Just over a week ago, gold suffered a massive loss. Those types of losses tended to lead to more downside in the short-term that were then reversed over the next month. It has certainly followed through on that pattern in the short-term. The selling has been enou...
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Louis Cammarosano Shares Something About China That Goldbugs Won’t Like

Here’s an update on gold & silver including an inconvenient truth coming out of China… Louis Cammarosano interviewed on Wall St For Main St Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St interviewed returning guest, former Wall St lawyer, former Silicon Valley executive and current precious metal and crypto currency analyst, Louis Cammarosano of Smaulgld Louis provides balanced, level headed coverage of gold, silver and crypto currencies as well as the global economy. His YouTube...
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Nomi Prins: Expect The Fed To Pause Hiking Rates If Market Volatility Continues

Nomi says not to expect the Fed to just abandon the markets if they continue their fall. In fact, Nomi thinks the Fed won’t hike in December. Here’s why… by Nomi Prins via Daily Reckoning It’s a good thing October is coming to an end. It’s been a particularly lousy month for the markets. October has seen about $5 trillion in value erased from global markets. Reasons for that sell-off range from fear over Fed rate hikes, trade wars, elections and buyback “blackout” periods during earnings. Buybac...
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Clint Siegner: Fake markets and the return of the Plunge Protection Team

By Clint SiegnerMoney Metals News Service, Eagle, IdahoMonday, December 31, 2018 It's amazing what passes as a market these days. Stocks rallied during the Christmas week and the mainstream financial press would like you to believe bargain hunters swooped in after the weeks of heavy selling to grab some deals. The truth is there are very few actual people still evaluating the merits of publicly traded companies. The markets are driven by programmed trading and central planning. The artificial na...
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Yes, Michael Kramer, but WHY hasn't gold kept up with inflation?

1:25p HKT Tuesday, April 4, 2017 Dear Friend of GATA and Gold: Writing this week at Investopedia, fund manager Michael Kramer of Mott Capital Management in Garden City, New York, notes that the gold price in recent decades has not kept up with inflation, a point GATA has made for many years and that GATA Chairman Bill Murphy and GoldMoney founder and GATA consultant James Turk repeated this week. Unfortunately Kramer uses this observation only to disparage gold as an investment, not as a point o...
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Deposit's Updated Resource Estimate Increases Size, Confirms High Grades

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One Of The Greats Said To Start 2019 Fear Is Waking Up

Today one of the greats in the business said to start 2019 fear is waking up. Fear Is Waking UpBy Bill Fleckenstein President Of Fleckenstein CapitalJanuary 2 (King World News) – Once again while I was away markets were “in turmoil,” to use the Bubblevision phrase for any modest amount of indigestion that befalls the stock market, since they are of the belief that Wall Street is a pet kitten that spits out $100 bills instead of a wild beast that wants to rip your lungs out. QE and easy money pol...
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Deception And Intimidation Tactics (With Prop Bombs & Contrived Caravans) No Longer Work

The hardcore left has little to sell to Americans except deception and intimidation, and the globalist playbook is lacking in tricks that no longer work… Bob Kudla interviewed by Sean on SGTreport Bob Kudla the founder of Trade Genius joins me to discuss the worn out globalist play book which includes prop bombs and contrived caravans – and very little else. The hardcore Left Democratic party has nothing left to sell the American people aside from deception and intimidation, and those tactics ar...
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Palladium Is Up 47% Year-To-Date And Outperforming Even The Stock Market

And palladium could see another break-out in price before year end. Here’s why… by Greg Guenthner via Daily Reckoning Here’s the Best Metals Play on the Market After riding a seven-day winning streak, the Dow Jones Industrial Average finally cracked. Stocks endured heavy selling across the board Thursday morning. By lunch, all the major averages were down by at least 1%. The horror! But you can’t keep this market down for long. The major averages recouped some of their losses by the closing bell...
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President Trump Will Take Us To War In Syria For These Six Simple Reasons

“all of which have nothing to do with a trumped up “heinous” chemical attack from an “animal” dictator, or spreading democracy to the Middle East..” from Alex Christoforou via TheDuran POTUS Trump knows that the chemical attack in Syria is a hoax and false flag. The mainstream media knows that the chemical attack in Syria is a hoax and false flag. All of Congress knows that the chemical attack in Syria is a hoax and false flag. The entire world knows that Assad is not that stupid (he is a docto...
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Despite Pullback, Gold Lease Rates Flashing Bullish Signal

Despite today’s pullback in the gold market, gold lease rates are flashing a bullish signal. Ending QT Is Not QEBy Bill Fleckenstein President Of Fleckenstein CapitalMarch 14 (King World News) – The market was a little weaker through midday and it lifted a bit in the afternoon to close roughly flat. Away from stocks, green paper was decidedly the flavor of the day, fixed income was lower, and the metals were thumped, with silver losing 1.75% to gold’s 1%, while the miners were weaker as well. I ...
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Debt Apocalypse Beckons

end-collapseU.S. Consumer Bankruptcies Just Did Something They Haven’t Done In Almost 7 Years…    From Michael Snyder: When debt grows much faster than GDP for an extended period of time, it is inevitable that a good portion of that debt will start to go bad at some point.  We witnessed a perfect example of this in 2008, and now it is starting to happen again.  Commercial bankruptcies have been rising on a year-over-year basis since late 2015, and this is something that I have written about previously, but ...
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TRUTH BOMBS AWAY: Mark Dice’s EPIC Truth Bombs About The ‘Roseanne’ Show Cancellation

Mark is dropping some serious truth bombs about the hypocrisy of the MSM and ABC ditching Roseanne because of her “racist” Tweets… By now most of the world knows that Roseanne Barr Tweeted some things that have made a bunch of people angry, and this, in turn, caused her show to be cancelled by ABC, and even caused Roseanne to apologize, presumably for the Tweets. We covered the incident in this post yesterday, and noted some of the hypocrisy ourselves in the article (related to George Soros). To...
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Precious Metals Stocks Alert: Powerful Upleg Believed Imminent

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ALERT: Celente Just Warned Contagion Is About To Engulf The World

Today the top trends forecaster in the world, Gerald Celente, just warned that the world is about to be engulfed with contagion. Global Contagion Coming? YesSeptember 5 (King World News) – Gerald Celente:  As evidenced in our Trend Alerts, we were among the first to warn that worsening economic instability in Emerging Markets could trigger a global equity market meltdown. The fear of that contagion has intensified as the crashing Argentinean peso and Turkish lira have escalated a broad EM curren...
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Eric Sprott: Look For That Rate Hike Next Week Because Gold Goes STRAIGHT UP Every Time

Eric Sprott says that gold will jump again once the Fed raises rates next week. Here’s why… Eric Sprott interviewed by Craig Hemke on The Weekly Wrap-Up It’s a lively discussion this Friday, as yet another chaotic week wraps up. Eric Sprott has plenty to say on President Trump’s new chief economic advisor, the ineffectiveness of the tax cuts, and what all this chaos means for gold. “We had this tax cut and we thought two things would happen: People would spend more money (NOT!) and companies ...
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